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Platform: Xbox

Genre: Racing

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Bizarre Creations

ETA: 11/04/03


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Project Gotham Racing 2


project-gotham-racing-2-1.jpg (110315 bytes)          project-gotham-racing-2-2.jpg (103818 bytes)


One of the best Xbox launch titles was Project Gotham Racing. It was loaded with great gameplay and stunning visuals. It remains today as arguably the best-looking racer ever, even better than Sony's stunning Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. After having seen the game in play on G4 (the all-video game channel) I guarantee the arguing will stop in November as to what the best-looking racing game ever: Project Gotham Racing 2 (PGR2) will leave every other racing game in a cloud of exhaust.


Of course, graphics aren't worth much if a game doesn't play well. With that in mind, Microsoft is updating the gameplay of PGR2 by enhancing the game's Kudos scoring system. But the ultimate coup de grace to all other racing game competitors is PGR2's online play via Xbox Live.

Here's the official game info, zooming full speed from the Microsoft information highway:

Project Gotham Racing 2 is the ultimate test of racing skill, style, and daring that rewards you not only for how fast you drive, but also for how you drive fast. Earn Kudos and gain recognition for cornering on two wheels around the Sears Tower in Chicago; power sliding through the ancient streets of Florence, Italy; or maneuvering along the racing line through the slick streets of Edinburgh, Scotland-all while racing some of the most exotic high-performance vehicles available. Challenge other 



gamers online, utilizing Xbox Live, or take on your friends in a multiplayer race via System Link


New Kudos reward system: Earn Kudos by performing power slides, spinning out in 360s that corner on two wheels, and (for the first time) drafting while staying on the race line and keeping car damage to a minimum. Kudos is a way to measure your driving skills, flair, and daring, as well as the accomplishments you achieve throughout the game. The more Kudos you earn, the better you're ranking will be and the more vehicles, skins, and tracks you can unlock.

Online play: Project Gotham Racing 2 will support Xbox Live. Join friends and others around the world for the ultimate street race, or download ghosts (recorded cars to watch, learn from, and compete against).

Multiplayer System Link: Allows players to race head-to-head in the same room.

Racing around the globe: Maintaining its international theme, Project Gotham Racing 2 takes place in photo-realistic recreations of famous cities including Chicago, Edinburgh, Florence, and Moscow.

Sweet rides: Take the wheel of some of the most exclusive high-performance vehicles, all fully licensed with realistic damage modeling. Project Gotham Racing 2 offers an exciting driving experience in vehicles such as the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche GT2, BMW Z4, Pontiac GTO, Mini Cooper S, and many more.


project-gotham-racing-2-3.jpg (111051 bytes)          project-gotham-racing-2-4.jpg (87076 bytes)


Music that drives you: Listen to the hottest DJs in the world turn out authentic music from real radio stations, as you drive through each city in the game. You can also create personal play lists with the exclusive CD player in Project Gotham Racing 2.

Highly detailed game environments: Project Gotham Racing 2 captures the essence of every city, with fully researched, photo-realistic environments (including highly detailed storefronts and buildings), allowing gamers to experience the superior graphics technology of Xbox.

Based on Project Gotham Racing 2's pedigree, it's pretty much a given that gamers can expect a high-octane performance out of the game but he biggest solidifier of PGR2's seating amongst this Christmas season's biggest selling Xbox titles is its Xbox Live support. New cars, new cities, new music, and Xbox Live support: the race hasn't even started and PGR2 has already almost captured the checkered flag of top racing game of 2003.

- Lee Cieniawa

(September 3, 2003)




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