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Platform: Xbox

Genre: Racing

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: WOW Entertainment

ETA: Fall 2003


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SEGA GT Online

sega-gt-online-1.jpg (100030 bytes)          sega-gt-online-2.jpg (132303 bytes)

Just like the sport itself, the racing game portion of the market is rip-roaringly competitive.  With popular franchises like Ridge Racer, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, developers are constantly raising the bar in what to expect from the genre.  Now SEGA is stepping into the ring to duke it out once again with its SEGA GT series, this time taking it online.



- Over 160 cars from over 20 manufacturers available from numerous eras

- Earn licenses

- Customize cars with new parts and adjusting components’ settings

- Compete online: Trade or bet cars online

- Uses Xbox Live’s voice chat abilities

- Over a dozen race courses  




sega-gt-online-3.jpg (94267 bytes)          sega-gt-online-4.jpg (116057 bytes)

The game will have all the usual features gamers have come to expect from racing sims, earning licenses, competing for cash, souping up cars or buying new ones, and the like.  This time the stable of cars will range from classics of the 50s, 60s, and 70s to the latest prototypes, all of which can be put on the line to be one or lost in races against other players.  All of these sorts of features have been around in whole or in part in a number of other racing game series, but it’ll be interesting to see how they turn out in an online setting.

Easily the biggest concern for the game is how the developers will handle cheating online.  What happens when someone uses a cheat device that makes his or her car idiotically fast?  What happens when the person you’re racing chickens out three seconds before they’re about to lose a race?  Hopefully these issues will be addressed, saving gamers a lot of grief.  

sega-gt-online-5.jpg (95250 bytes)          sega-gt-online-6.jpg (111751 bytes)

Whatever the case, it looks like a very full featured racer is about to go online.  Xbox owners can look forward to SEGA GT Online becoming available in the Fall of 2003.

Mr. Nash

(April 12, 2003)




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