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After wowing critics as well as gamers with more discerning tastes with Okami on the PS2, Capcom has decided to take a stab at a sequel on the DS. Following the adventures of the adorable wolf pup Chibiterasu, players must once again save Japan from an invasion by the demon world.


With the events of the first Okami having only taken place nine months earlier, players take control of Chibiterasu, the offspring of Amaterasu, heroine Okami. Despite having defeated Lord Yami in the first game, it looks like this has not guaranteed the safety of the mortal realms, as demons are still looking for ways to sink their claws into the people of Japan. As a result, players must once again lock horns with these otherworldly creatures.




Gameplay stays fairly similar between this title and Okami. Players still wander the world, bashing demons with the control pad, and can use the Celestial Brush for special abilities (this time controlled by the DS stylus). However, the controls have been simplified a little. Most notably is that there is only one attack button, as well, the Celestial Brush is largely used for finishing moves during


combat. One other aspect of the gameplay worth noting is that the camera is in a fixed position in this game, and players cannot move it around.  An interesting feature being added for Okamiden is that Chibiterasu will be going on his adventure with various partners that will help him out throughout the game


The big thing Capcom seems to be going for in Okamiden is maintaining a sense of familiarity. Looking at the visuals, they are very similar to that of Okami, and despite being simplified, the controls are still quite similar between this game and its predecessor. Despite all of the praise that Okami received from critics, it failed to become a commercial success. It will prove interesting to see if Okamiden can do better in this regard.


Mr. Nash
October 17, 2010

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