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Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Playing Doctor
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Atlus
ETA: October 2005 




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Trauma Center: Under the Knife


For a lot of people, an operating room scene in a medical drama can be quite exciting, with all the screaming about being unable to stop the bleeding, cracking chests, and making careful incisions.  It looks like Atlus took a look at these shows, then looked at the Nintendo DS, and said, “You know, we should try to make a game that plays out like one of these dramas.”  And that they are doing with Trauma Center: Under the Knife.


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Players will take on the role of a doctor working in a hospital emergency room, where everything starts off simple enough doing routine procedures.  However, a mysterious disease begins to sweep through the hospital, and players have to figure out how cure it, and fast, because it’s going to make a lot of patients quite dead if they don’t hurry.


While the top screen of the DS will be dedicated to messages from nurses and other colleagues during surgery, it’s the lower screen where all of the real action takes place, as players use their stylus pen to select from ten different instruments (tweezers, needles, 

disinfectant swabs, scalpels, etc) and perform their tasks.  As one works through a procedure, they have to get things done as quickly, and neatly (read safely) as possible, be it stitching someone up, removing foreign objects, or more complicated surgery (all via the stylus).  Once players have finished their work, the game looks at how well they performed and awards a letter grade accordingly.


Trauma Center appears to be doing its best in providing something different in videogames compared to a lot of the strategy, action, and role-playing games currently on 



the market.  Now the question on my mind is if Atlus decided to sneak in a secret Super Proctology Mode for the game…one in a million doc, one in a million…


Mr. Nash

September 28, 2005