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Platform: GameCube

Genre: Extreme Sports

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

ETA: mid-April 2003


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1080° Avalanche


It’s amazing that snowboarding’s popularity on the slopes hasn’t translated into more games.  On various platforms (of the current generation) we’ve seen SSX, SSX Tricky, MTV Snowboarding Amped and Transworld Snowboarding.  And besides SSX Tricky, the snowboarding genre has been completely absent from the GameCube.  Enter 1080° Avalanche (formerly White Storm) a sequel to 1080° that appeared on the N64.


1080 avalanche gamecube preview          1080 avalanche gamecube preview


White Storm has been in the works for a long time, even putting in a showing at last years E3.  But here are the facts:


Game Summary:

1080°: Avalanche brings its unique tradition of authentic 3-D snowboarding action to NINTENDO GAMECUBE.  Game play satisfaction snowballs as players master snowboarding physics and an all-new trick system.  Favorite boarders, such as the well-balanced Kensuke, the technical master Rob or the incredibly fast Dion, charge jumps, grab huge air and complete twisted combos. Watch out though, a potentially impressive stunt could lead to a board-breaking disaster.


Features :

Tackle multiple game play modes including match race, time attack, 



trick attack, contest, and training mode, which includes a half-pipe for major stunts.


Navigate surprise avalanches, rock-slides and varying weather conditions that affect boarding and may open unseen paths.


Nail unreal trick combos or lay it on the line and rage down the mountain.


Experience smooth controls that simulate the feeling of gliding across fresh mountain-top powder.


The single biggest worry I have with Avalanche is that it has missed its release date.  This can mean one of two things. 1) They’re sorting out minor problems and hammering out aspects of the gameplay.  No one minds waiting for a game if it means a better experience. 2) The problems are so endemic that the title will continually miss its release date until the publisher shoves it out the door just to get it over with.  Nintendo has a track record of publishing solid titles so the first explanation seems a better bet.


1080 avalanche gamecube preview          1080 avalanche gamecube preview


With all the features promised (rock-slides? I’m in!) and the various play modes, it almost seems like a foregone conclusion that this will be a great game.  Course I’m not one to render a verdict before actually playing the game!


1080° White Storm will be spraying snow on the GameCube mid-April 2003.


- Omni

(March 29, 2003)