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Platform: PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action / Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Remedy
ETA: Q1 2007
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Alan Wake


alan wake          alan wake


Alan Wake was one of the prettiest titles on display at this year’s E3.  Marked by sweeping vistas, beautiful ambient lighting, and remarkable attention to details, the look of Alan Wake was simply impressive.  For every game that actually lives up to its high-res screenshots, there are a dozen that disappoint when seen in motion, but Alan Wake is not one of these.  The backroom showing at E3 was nothing short of jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 


Of course, who cares about graphics if the game play isn’t up to par?  It’s hard to tell much about Alan Wakes actual game play from what has been shown, but the game is being developed by Remedy, the folks behind the Max Payne franchise, so one can hope that they continue to show the same magic touch.


alan wake          alan wake


The game looks good, but for now we will have to leave the final word to the developers themselves.  Here are some of the things they are promising:


An intense, movie-like atmosphere.


Free-roaming game play in a “massive” open world.


The ability to use light as a weapon against the creatures of darkness.


Bright Falls will be a realistic environment that can be interacted with in an intuitive, dynamic way.


The narrative will be episodic in nature with each level playing out like an episode of a television show.


We will keep an eye out for more information as it comes available.  Alan Wake has no scheduled release date, but it has been recently announced as a Vista-only PC release as well as a Xbox 360 release.


- Danny Webb

(June 26, 2006)