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Platform: Xbox 360, PSP
Genre: Action
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Hudson
ETA: Q4 2006
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Bomberman Act Zero


bomberman act zero          bomberman act zero


Bomberman is one of video gamingís most prolific characters, having appeared in dozens of games since his debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nearly all of the titles have featured bright graphics and cutesy little characters, but for some reason, Hudson and Konami decided it was time to change all of that. Yes, Bomberman Act Zero is a reimagining of the venerable series, removing all of the sugary aspects and replacing them with a dark and sinister atmosphere, coming to the Xbox 360 and PSP late this summer.


Your Bomberman is now a badass robot trying to escape from an oppressive factory, and the only way to do so it by blowing the heck out of everything. Itís pretty shocking, although once you get over the drastic change, it actually looks pretty cool. Regardless, it still looks pretty weird to see Bomberwomen with boob jiggle. Graphically, itís not meant to be the most attractive game on the planet, but it does have some nice texturing, even though theyíre pasted on intentionally repetitive environments.


bomberman act zero          bomberman act zero


The Xbox 360 demo I played focused primarily on the single player mode. The camera focuses on the character as you run around the maze, instead of giving an overhead view of the action like the old games. Also new is the addition of a life meter. Get winged by an explosion and youíll lose a tiny bit of health, but get caught in a blast and youíll be weakened quite a bit. Itís definitely a change from the one-hit kills of the old game, and itís yet to be seen how this affects multiplayer.


Bomberman Act Zero is being marketed as a budget title in Japan , but it doesnít appear to be headed that route for the American release. The 360 version will have full online play, one of the first to have it since the old Dreamcast and Saturn renditions. Hopefully the full version will keep some of the classic multiplayer elements in case older gamers find this new installment too alienating.


- Kurt Kalata

(June 20, 2006)