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Platform: GC, GBA, PS2, XB

Genre: Racing

Publisher: VU Games

Developer: Vicarious Visions

ETA: November 2003




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Crash's Nitro Kart


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Bandicoot, but no it’s not another installment in his platforming franchise which has netted his most success. The return has him as title character in Crash’s Nitro Kart.  Not even the first kart racing installment in the franchise, this is basically a sequel to Crash Team Racing but completely new and for the Xbox. 

Containing a number of play modes, Crash’ Nitro Kart should have plenty to keep players busy with Adventure, Arcade and Time Trial modes in single player as well as the option to link to Xboxes together for 8-player face offs and an arena editor for good measure.


The simple premise is Crash becomes kidnapped by Emperor Velo and is commanded to race to save the universe!  If you have a better storyline for a kart racer please let me know.



- Race 17 raceways throughout 4 unique worlds




- Single player modes: Adventure, Arcade and Time Trial


- Multiplayer up to 8-players by linking 2 Xboxs


- Wide arrays of weapons plus karts that transform and adapt to enviroment


- Arena Editor to create custom battle arenas


- Jay Tonello

(October 30, 2003)


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