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Platform: PS2, XB
Genre: First Person Shooter
Publisher: Sammy Studios
Developer: Sammy USA
ETA: Q4 2004


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Darkwatch: Curse of the West


darkwatch-curse-west.jpg (10661 bytes)          darkwatch-curse-west-2.jpg (9799 bytes)


Well, yee-haw.  It looks like someone decided to get off their butt and make a game featuring cowboys.  Crossing gunslingers with the supernatural, Darkwatch: Curse of the West hopes to bring a little something new to the woefully under-utilized, Stetson-sporting, tobacco-spitting, spur-clanging Western genre.  Taking the form of a first person shooter, players will have plenty of zombies, vampires, and the like to blast at on their Playstation 2 or Xbox later this year.  


Putting things into context, Darkwatch is an ancient organization whose mandate is to track down the evil nasties of the world, like vampires and the such, and swiftly dispatching them before they can get up to no good.  In comes Jericho Cross, an outlaw gunslinger who joined the Darkwatch after a run-in with a vampire lord.  After having been bitten by said vampire, Jericho joined the ancient order in order to track the being down and destroy it in hopes that it would save him from being cursed with a doomed soul.


Hunting down this vampire through America’s old west, 



Jericho will have a large arsenal of advanced weapons and gadgetry at his disposal thanks to the Darkwatch.  Ranging from powered-up versions of weapons that have become standards of the old west to assault vehicles, players will have a lot of firepower in the purportedly gigantic worlds of the game.  


darkwatch-curse-west-3.jpg (14149 bytes)        darkwatch-curse-west-4.jpg (14601 bytes)


Information on the game is still fairly sparse outside of the more vague, over-arching sound bites released thus far, though hopefully we'll be able to take a close look come E3.  Being handled by Sammy’s US studios, the game is slated for release on the PS2 and Xbox during every game writer’s “favorite” time of year: Q4!  Good times…


Mr. Nash  

(February 10, 2004)