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October 11, 2011



Review: Dead Rising 2 (360)

Review: Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST (360)

Review: Resident Evil 5 (360)




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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record


dead rising 2 off the record         dead rising 2 off the record


dead rising 2 off the record          dead rising 2 off the record


Dead Rising 2: Off the Record seems to be a direct response to those critics and gamers that wanted to see Frank West in the sequel to Dead Rising rather than Chuck Greene, who was an unknown commodity.

Off the Record is a re-telling of the events of Dead Rising 2 as envisioned by Frank "I've Covered Wars" West. And just as Frank himself has somewhat gone off the



rails -- he seemed to be the comic relief in the Dead Rising 2 add-on CASE WEST -- Off the Record appears to be quite off-kilter, more so than what Dead Rising 2 was, with it's interesting (and often bizarre) combo weapons. Off the Record features an ice cream truck with a buttcrack plastered across the back of the vehicle. I'm not sure what else needs to be said.


It's still handcuffed to the Fortune City setting of Dead Rising 2, so it's not quite as crazy as something like Saints Row The Third, and there may be a lack of "surprises" this time around but I really enjoyed both Dead Rising 2 and CASE WEST and I'm ready to go back to Fortune City with Frank West so see what kind of liberties the development team takes with the story and setting and how Frank's camera will be implemented.


dead rising 2 off the record          dead rising 2 off the record


The wait is relatively short thanks to the fact the engine is being reused for the title. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is pegged for a October 11, 2011 release.

- Aaron Simmer

(August 6, 2011)


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