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Platform: PC, PS2, XB
Genre: Action
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Reflections
ETA: June 2004


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Some years past a driving game was developed that changed the way we saw action and driving combined. Before Grand Theft Auto 3 there was another driving game that captured the minds and imaginations of all types of gamers. Iím of course talking about Driver, a game with a simple story and premise that relied on careless driving antics. Now, taking heavy lessons from the popular GTA series and recent Hollywood tie-ins, the team that brought us the first Driver five years ago is almost finished with the third installment, Driv3r. 


driv3r.jpg (26296 bytes)        driv3r-2.jpg (18707 bytes)


Driv3r will be more than supped-up graphics and will offer plenty of depth. In fact, a very cinematic feeling has been added to Driv3r that will carry the story through cutscenes worthy of any film award. The story is about a global car theft ring spanning various different countries. Tanner, a ruthless undercover cop and his fearless driver, team up to make sure the buyer of these vehicles is stopped from making any transactions.


Along with a strong story line we can expect more than just ďdrivingĒ in this game. Again taking the idea of Grand Theft Auto, players can now collect weapons and conduct their tasks on foot as well as in the car. Now you can blast someway away with a shotgun instead of running them over, which isnít a bad alternative in theory.



Can you imagine a game titled Driv3r without some kick-ass vehicles? I canít, and neither can Atari. Instead of driving the standard rustic blue car in which the previous two Driver games were carried out, there are 70 unique, and playable, vehicles to choose from. Feel like taking a risk? Hop on a scooter motorcycle and hit the busy streets. Feel like making everyone get out of your way? Than hop inside a bus and roll over those miniscule pieces of metal. Donít prefer wheels? Than put on a life-jacket and grab a boat.


driv3r-3.jpg (21459 bytes)       driv3r-4.jpg (26224 bytes)


Here is the complete list of features:


- Over 70 playable vehicles, including cars, bikes, boats, artics, and buses.

- 8 different weapons, including handguns, machine guns and grenade launchers.

- Over 30 story integrated missions.

- Over 30 FMV sequences featuring the voice talents of Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Michelle Rodriguez and Mickey Rourke.

- 3 highly detail cities: Miami, Nice, Istanbul.

- 12 licensed music tracks.

- Driving games.

- Innovative Thrill Cam.

- Director Mode, now with slow mo effect.


Scheduled for release in June 2004, Driv3r may finally position itself as a solid franchise with many more additions in the coming years. Buckle up fellas; itís going to be one hell of a ride.


- Eric Lahiji

(February 28, 2004)