Platform: PS2, XB

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega

ETA: Q3 2003


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EPSN NBA Basketball

(Formerly NBA 2K4)

nba-2k4-1.jpg (105677 bytes)          nba-2k4-2.jpg (136621 bytes)

Yo what’s up all?  NBA 2K4 is on the way to the PS2 and the XBOX!  The old style NBA you knew is gone, welcome in the new-school NBA!  Enter each match with fanatical crowds, lights blinding you and deafening music with a “Let’s get it on!” style swagger!

NBA 2K4 is out in the USA in October 2003, with an expected release in Europe in the third quarter of 2003.  Currently Japan does not have a release date.  

Anyway, let’s talk about NBA 2K4’s features.

ESPN Presentation – Step up and join the most anticipated presentation known to date!  NBA 2K4 promises detailed visuals, picture-in-picture intros, a variety of eye-catching callouts as well as new studio and colour commentary!  Why settle for less?

Second-To-None Graphics – The next step up in terms of realistic graphics, with accurately modelled players bringing the game to life, while the all-new in-game lighting raises the detail standard for all other games, utilising realistic self-shadowing, creating the most dynamic look and feel for every player in the NBA yet!

Intuitive Showtime Pass Mechanics – It’s your game, make it your show?  Conquer the defence with a huge variety of moves that’ll shock your opponent!

Real NBA Pace – Replicate the awesome speed and athleticism of the NBA, humble your opponents with more deadly crosses and dominant slamdowns during the quick and fast break outlets, among many other NBA plays!

Smooth Animations – Unbelievably natural and dynamic, every single animated motion such as the gravity-defying dunks, ball-handling wizardry.  Even the movement of the players’ shorts are precisely accurate-to-life!

Smart Camera Intelligence – Innovative picture angles, based on ESPN’s broadcast cameras.  They’ll follow all of the action, offering the best view possible throughout the match!

Multi-Player Franchise Mode – Take the game to the next level, and suit up your five players to take on the 29 other franchise players in what is possibly the most frantic and competitive season you’ll play for a long time!

Advanced Online Play – Expand your gaming options and hook up your machine to the net.  Fast head-to-head play is constantly on offer, you can take on someone from the other side of the planet!  You’ll also be able to download rosters, chat to other players with a USB keyboard (for the PS2), as well as much more!

nba-2k4-3.jpg (124955 bytes)          nba-2k4-4.jpg (133283 bytes)

With a major reworking planned for the game it could very well turn some heads this time out, but many past editions of Sega’s NBA series have received plenty of critical acclaim yet have hardly flown off the store shelves.  This version promises to be much better than any other version, and not just an update, but a complete over-haul.

Dave Whitby

August 6, 2003