Platform: GC, PS2, XB

Genre: Action

Publisher: Namco

Developer: Namco Hometek

ETA: Q4 2003


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Extreme Force

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A short while ago Namco Hometek brought out a surprisingly violent gun-play riddled action title to the console world with Dead to Rights.  It was reasonably well received from the critics, and plenty of gamers got a kick out of blasting the absolute hell out of enemies left right and center.  Now Namco Hometek is taking players on another romp through the central city in that game, Grand City, with Extreme Force.  

In this title, players are put in the role of a member of the GAC Squad, a sort of SWAT team whose role is to take on the highly dangerous, head-on assignments in maintaining the peace in Grand City.  Extreme Force will encourage players to sneak up on enemies for hassle-free clean kills, as they slink about armed to the teeth taking out the criminal element of the city.  Also included in the game is something called “Target-rich run-and-gun combat”.  At this point it’s a rather ominous catch-phrase that hasn’t been quantified in any real way, hopefully it’ll prove more than a gimmick in the finish product when it ships at the end of the year.

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- Intuitive game controls such as Wall Mode, evasive rolls and head-tapping

- Diverse arsenal of weapons and equipment, including night-vision goggles, grenades and door charges

- GAC Strike Moves – stealth moves allowing players to silently neutralize opponents

- Blends stealth tactics with “target rich” run-and-gun combat

Mr. Nash

August 17, 2003