Platform: GC, PS2, XB

Genre: Racing

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Acclaim Studios

ETA: July 2003


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Extreme-G Racing Association

The last version of Extreme-G I played was on the N64 and it was a fun futuristic racer with a good sense of speed and some fun weapons.  The multiplayer mode on the game was great when squaring off against some friends, and thankfully there weren’t to many instances of people shouting, “To the extreme!” while playing…unless your friends were total jerks.  

extreme-g-racing-association-1.jpg (35227 bytes)          extreme-g-racing-association-2.jpg (31551 bytes)

Now Acclaim has a new installment in the series motoring towards all three consoles.  Some interesting additions to this game are the inclusion of optional sidecars on your motorcycle that allow for more weapons to be equipped during a race, though they will slow your vehicle down.  Also being thrown in are fully destructible scenery which begs the question of whether or not blasting it will help take out competitors.  But with titles like Kinetica and the juggernaut that is the Wipeout series, Extreme-G Racing Association has some stiff competition when it gets released.  We’ll just have to wait and see if Acclaim can pull it together.  


  • Interactive and fully destructible scenery;

  • All new weapon system allowing much more fluent gameplay;

  • Six new race types;

  • Addition of cars and side cars - more weapons, less speed;

  • Variable weather conditions - not just set pattern for each track;

  • Fully pumped up soundtrack with Pro-logic 2 sound;

  • Transfers and contract hires - the better you do, the more they want you;

  • Improved and enhanced crashes, bike and player damage;

  • Real-time commentary and race history;

  • New bike and character models - in-depth team characteristics.

    extreme-g-racing-association-3.jpg (34563 bytes)         extreme-g-racing-association-4.jpg (36456 bytes)

Mr. Nash

May 11, 2003