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Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Bugbear
ETA: June 2006 




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FlatOut 2


flatout-2-1.jpg (36836 bytes)   flatout-2-2.jpg (47908 bytes)   flatout-2-3.jpg (48089 bytes)


When the original FlatOut came out, gamers were intrigued by its anything goes approach to driving, as players could delve into an assortment of highly destructive mini-games that involved totaling oneís car as viciously as possible, while sending its driving hurtling through the air.  Itís just too bad that all of the other aspects of the game were otherwise forgettable.  However, the gameís developer, Bugbear, appears to have paid close attention to the complaints leveled toward the first game, and want to tweak the hell out of a sequel in order to put forth a title that gamers want.


First and foremost, FlatOut 2 is getting an improved Championship Mode, with multiple cups and difficulty modes, replete with smarter AI.  The gameís physics engine is also getting a 

major overhaul this time around.


Looking at the specs for FlatOut 2, though, itís hard to ignore just how much Bugbear wants to emphasize the improvements planned for this game over the first one.  In most areas, players can expect at least twice as much as was found in the first FlatOut: twice as many cars, twice as many Rag Doll mini-games, twice as many demolition derby arenas, and almost twice as many tracks.


Also, there will be some new scenery to enjoy, as FlatOut 2 takes place in the United States, where as the first game was set in Europe.  On top of that, the variety of cars will be far greater this time around, whereas the original FlatOut had only muscle cars, the sequel will also have compacts, pickups, and sports cars.




flatout-2-4.jpg (42176 bytes)   flatout-2-5.jpg (43923 bytes)   flatout-2-6.jpg (48869 bytes)


Of course, whatever mode you play with whichever car, thereíll also be an online mode available for both the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game.  In any event, though, looking at what Bugbear wants to do with this sequel, things are looking fairly encouraging.  It really seems like theyíve listened to complaints fans had about the first game, and are trying to address them here.  If everything comes together, we could have a much more solid experience in FlatOut 2 than what the original was able to deliver.


Mr. Nash

(March 22, 2006)