Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox

Genre: Action

Publisher: SCi

Developer: Pivotal Games

ETA: June 2003


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The Great Escape

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Usually when a developer announces that they’re going to make a title based on a moving gamers cringe as they think of what flavor of the moment flick riding high on the hype machine will get pumped out, playing like a half-assed waste of time.  Take 2 has other plans here, actually making a game based on a truly classic film, The Great Escape, a film of a group of Allied POWs that escape from Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp in Europe and carefully inch their way to freedom.

It looks like the game will recreate some moments from the moving while pitting the player in some instances not seen on-screen, seemingly a similar approach as what Golden Eye took on the N64 where it took place in the realm of the Bond movie, but didn’t follow it verbatim, thusly not feeling like a re-enactment rehash.  Hopefully the same will hold true with The Great Escape as players take control of the characters from the movie in an attempt to escape their Nazi prison and safely get out of occupied Europe.  It’ll be interesting to see how a game based on a classic movie turns out.  Who knows, maybe if this one does well we’ll see a game based on Seven Samurai.  


  • Immensely popular and well-known cult film license.

  • Stealth controls such as the ‘keyhole camera’ and ‘distractions’ to divert the guards’ attention.

  • A unique combination of different gameplay that mirrors the dynamic changes in the film - slow stealthy sections, and fast-paced adrenalin filled combat and chase sequences.

  • Multiple characters each with their own skill-set the player can apply; Hilts ‘the Cooler King’ (played by Steve McQueen) can pick locks, MacDonald ‘intelligence’ can speak German, Hendley ‘the scrounger’ can pick pockets, and so on.

  • A unique mix of vehicles the player can control (motorbikes, trucks etc..)

  • Specialist Enemy Units Types - ‘Ferrets’ are specialist anti-escape officers who search for suspicious behavior, ‘Goons’ are the guards charged with security in the camp…

  • ‘Distraction’ game feature - other prisoners will help you carry out your objectives by creating a wide variety of visually impressive in-game distractions.

  • Incapacitate guards and drag them into the shadows to avoid attention

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Mr. Nash

April 19, 2003