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Platform: PC, PS2, XB
Genre: Action
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: IO Interactive
ETA: April 20, 2004

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Hitman: Contracts


hitman-contracts.jpg (21341 bytes)       hitman-contracts-2.jpg (29239 bytes)


It looks like Agent 47 is back for another outing and isn’t done getting vengeance on his enemies. The bald shiny head and bar code return for Eidos’ third installment, Hitman: Contracts. Hitman is one of the most highly regarded franchises around, not because of the technical ingenuity, but for its style that has influenced some other highly praised games, such as Splinter Cell.


Hitman: Contracts ultimate goal is to legitimize the series for the other aspects some found disturbing. Hitman didn’t excel in smart AI or complicated missions; it was straightforward action with little stealth, even though stealth was the general idea. Missions were completed easily simply by running through the level and shooting everything in sight. Though this was relatively easy and guaranteed success, it was a satisfying feeling once through the game. This year, however, will be an entirely new game devoted to stealth although keeping some of the action intact.



The new environments in the game will truly bring the “stealth” feel to life. With shadowing and lighting effects sneaking up on enemies must be timed and well planned. One small mistake will have the enemy radio one another to help have you “put to sleep”. The new graphics engine is fully realized with destructible settings and interactive environments. If you find yourself dry on ammo, you now have the ability to pick up objects around you to use as a weapon.


Key Game Features:

- Travel the globe from England to China and eliminate international terrorists, crime bosses and corrupt politicians from your hit list.

- Complete your mission objectives with an increased number of tactical approaches.

- Improved enemy intelligence that will use squad-based tactics to communicate with each other to bring you down

- All-new arsenal for Agent 47 to use including: Micro Uzi, stun gun, syringe, and an assortment of blades and firearms.

- Interactive environments dense with "improvisational weaponry" allow unprecedented freedom to pick up objects like meat hooks, pool cues, shovels, pillows and more for use as weapons.

hitman-contracts-3.jpg (24646 bytes)       hitman-contracts-4.jpg (26513 bytes)


If all the pieces fall into place, as they seem to be already, Hitman: Contracts will be worth every cent. As an avid fan of the series, I can honestly say that the improvements in the game have been extensive compared to the prior Hitman games. Don’t forget to have your favorite suit ironed out by April 2004, the day Hitman: Contracts “hits” the shelves.


Eric Lahiji


(March 18, 2004)