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Platform: PC, Xbox 360
Publisher: Webzen
Developer: Webzen
ETA: Q3 2006 




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Bringing the first person shooter into massively multiplayer online gaming is something that game developers have been fiddling around with for a while now.  Up to this point, the most popular attempt at such fusion of genres has been Planetside from Sony Online Entertainment.  The game never shattered any sales or subscription records, but it has managed to find itself a respectable number of dedicated players since its release.  Looking a the Planetside model, there are definite signs that an MMOFPS can work, and Webzen is currently in the process of developing their own title in the genre for the PC and Xbox 360 with Huxley.


Taking place in the distant future, the Earth has been ravaged by something called the Nuclearites.  Because of this, earthquakes have racked the planet, global sea levels have risen, the climate has changed drastically, and everything is generally a grand olí mess.  Making matters worse is that the human raceís evolutionary path has branched into two new 

dominant species: the Sapiens and the Alternatives.  Now, with the Earth in such a wretched state resources are far and few between, forcing these two factions to constantly fight over control of them.


As such, players will find themselves battling each other in a number of different zones either as an Alternative, or a Sapien.  These conflicts will often see up to 100 players at a time running around, blasting the crap out of one another in a given zone.  However, Huxley wonít be solely focused on a player vs. player experiences, as there will be plenty of monsters roaming 



the game world that will have to be dealt with.  This in mind, the game will also assign various quests for players, advancing the story, as well as rewarding players, and giving them a chance to make their character grow stronger over the course of the game, much like one improves their stats in an RPG.


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However, because Huxley was only just announced around E3 of this year, there still isnít a whole lot more information on the game as of yet.  Will there be vehicles?  Unique item drops?  What about instances?  While the early screenshots of the game look quite impressive, there are a lot of questions that still need answering.  Huxley isnít due out until some time in late 2006, so itís not surprising that details regarding the game are still somewhat sparse.  Hopefully in the coming months Webzen will start to reveal more about this attempt at an MMOFPS.


Mr. Nash

October 1, 2005