Platform: PS2, XB

Genre: Action

Publisher: Namco

Developer: Namco

ETA: Q4 2003


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It looks like there will be an action game filled with rapid shooting and killing this season after all. Other games such as Half-Life 2 and Full Spectrum Warrior hitting store shelves later this season rely on not only action, but a tactical sense. Kill Switch will relieve those of us who just want to pick up the controller, and squeeze off a few rounds.

Being developed by Namco, Kill Switch is a single-player military game based on quick movement and continuous shooting. Because most of the time you will be pinned down by enemy fire, the system of firing in Kill Switch will be unique to the game. In other games poking your head out of a tight situation would cause it to be blown off; but in Kill Switch, you can leave your head down in a system called “blindfire shooting”. This and other features will quickly mow down enemy units in the way, and clear up the screen for pinpoint hits on other targets.  

The game will be played in the third person, and feature many arcade elements. There will not be a multiplayer attached to Kill Switch, though the game is screaming for one to be implemented. The game is scheduled to be released for the Playstation 2 and Xbox consoles in the fourth quarter of this year.


- Offensive Cover System - players can offensively engage the enemy from cover, with little risk to themselves

- Blindfire allows the player to launch a frontal assault against the enemy without being exposed to counter-fire

- Enemies react to the player’s actions and, like the player, utilize surrounding environments for cover!  Enemies work together in teams and not only seek out and engage the player, but also use team-based tactics and attacks

- Six war-themed missions, spread out over approximately 18 different levels that feature environments from Middle Eastern deserts to an underground submarine base

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- Eric Lahiji

(August 6, 2003)