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Max Payne 3


max payne 3          max payne 3


max payne 3           max payne 3


It actually felt weird to type "Max Payne 3" just now. It has been almost 8 years since the release of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (by Remedy Entertainment), which is a lifetime in Game Years but it seems suitable. Max Payne



3 is set 8 years after the

second game, after that messiness with Lem and Alfred Woden and the apparent death of Mona Sax. The events of the first game would have been enough to break anyone, but after the second game it's a wonder that Max didn't just kill himself. So, he did the next "best" thing by heading to Brazil to work in private security.


And while the game is reportedly set in Brazil, if the screens are anything to go by,


Max will spend some time in New York, either as a flashback or a big kick-off to start the game.


max payne 3           max payne 3


I'm actually not very concerned about the action aspect of the game, my one concern is that Sam Lake, original writer of the first two Max Payne games (and model for the original Max Payne), isn't involved. If you played the originals, there was something about the writing that was laughable, serious, and tragic all tied together. At least the words that come out of Max's mouth will still be voiced by James McCaffery.


max payne 3          max payne 3


With an estimated release date of "sometime in the future" -- it was originally announced as a 2010 release -- I'd be surprised if there wasn't more information or at least a video of some slow-motion dives through a hail of bullets shown sooner (i.e. the upcoming E3) rather than later.


- Aaron Simmer

(April 29, 2011)


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