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Platform: GBA, GC, DS, PS2, XB, PC, 360, PSP
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
ETA: November 2005




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Need for Speed Most Wanted


The Hot Pursuit games put a heavy emphasis on the law enforcement side of street racing in the Need for Speed series; however, when the series made the switch to the Underground games focus switched more toward soaring around town in glammed out imports.  Now EA is taking the best of both worlds, and cramming them into a new game with Need for Speed Most Wanted, which is slated for just about every game platform available at the moment.


need-speed-most-wanted-1.jpg (80414 bytes)   need-speed-most-wanted-2.jpg (80739 bytes)   need-speed-most-wanted-3.jpg (93619 bytes)

Screenshots of Xbox 360 version


In terms of the races, they will be of the illicit street racing sort with players driving all manner of licensed cars, like the BMW that has been seen in much of the game footage released so far.  Like many other street racing games already on the market, Most Wanted will feature open races filled with shortcuts to exploit as players make their way through the game, trying to make their way to the top of the heap in the game’s underground racing world.  For those who want to make their car extra pretty, there will be a number of paint 

options, as well as rims, wings, and so forth that can be slapped on ones ride, and for those that couldn’t care less about looks, and would rather focus on performance, they just need to stop by their safe house, where they can install new engine components, suspensions, and whatnot to shave a few seconds off of their time.


While this is all well and good, what a lot of people will want to know about is how the police comes into play in the game.  At this point, it looks like the fuzz will be completely computer controlled, as they try to put an end to players’ street racing 



days.  As the police catch wind of a race they’ll pursue those involved, while also putting up roadblocks, and tack strips in the paths of racers in an attempt to disable their cars and haul the drivers off to jail.  There’s no word yet if there will be any game modes that allow players to control the police, which would be really neat for Most Wanted’s online play, but here’s to hoping that this does indeed happen in some way, shape, or form.


Looking at how fun both the Hot Pursuit, and Underground games have been, it’s not hard to imagine just how high fans’ expectations for Most Wanted must be.  Hopefully when all is said and done the final product will be well worth the wait when the game comes out this November.


Mr. Nash

(May 27, 2005)


need-speed-most-wanted-4.jpg (91703 bytes)   need-speed-most-wanted-5.jpg (79684 bytes)   need-speed-most-wanted-6.jpg (73447 bytes)

Screenshots of Xbox 360 version


Features from the Fact Sheet:


- Open Road, Open World: Rule the streets as the most notorious street racer in various regions that include edgy industrial and urban environments. In the game, the environment can be a friend for a foe. Players will master short-cuts as well as use the traffic and destructible environments to their advantage.
- All-New Gameplay: Need for Speed Most Wanted features new and exciting gameplay that incorporates strategic cop pursuit and skill-based evasion techniques with illicit street racing.
- Visual Customization: Whether gamers are trying to lose the cops or they just want to pimp their ride, Need for Speed Most Wanted offers extensive visual customizations.
- Blacklist: As players enter the world of illicit street racing, they must go up against the best street racers on the scene to earn respect and rise to the top of the Blacklist.
- Rap Sheet: Players will build up their Rap Sheet with record breaking times, street challenges and out-foxing an escalation of police vehicles, tactics and technology.
- Performance Tuning: Can't compete against a sports car? Head to the safehouse and tune up your ride to race against any class of vehicles.
- Next-Gen Graphical Features: Need for Speed Most Wanted for the next generation console delivers the next level of graphical excellence in video games. Utilizing graphical techniques including normal mapping and real-time lighting, the graphical experience is incomparable to any racing game on the market.
- Race Online*: Need For Speed Most Wanted features online play for Xbox 360, Xbox, the PlayStation
computer entertainment system and the PC.