Platform: GC, PS2, XB

Genre: Role-Playing

Publisher: TBA

Developer: Zed Two

ETA: Q1 2004


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pillage-1.jpg (35216 bytes)          pillage-2.jpg (25219 bytes)


It looks like the human race has screwed up again.  Instead of continuing to progress, building ridiculously efficient computers, achieving a continual state of zen-like clarity, and getting off their rumps to build those much ballyhooed flying cars we’ve heard so much about, they’ve went off and reverted to a feudal society only to let their guard down and be conquered by a rather unkind breed of beast roaming the countryside.  At least that’s the case in Pillage, a strategy RPG headed to the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2 from Zed Two (most well know for their work on Wetrix).


With that backdrop to the game players take command of a young warrior named Low and his sister Pepper, who are out for revenge after their parents are killed.  Now it’s up to the two of them to raise an army and take down this rather ambiguous evil presence that has enslaved humanity.



In an interesting twist people will be able to play this strategy RPG in a two-player simultaneous mode if they so choose, something that you just don’t see all that often.  The structure of the combat is slated to give players the option to go into battle full throttle, destroying everything in their path, or, alternately, avoiding a fight whenever possible, taking a more subtle, stealthy approach.  Zed Two is also trying to encourage finding ways to play different characters’ abilities off of one another in multi-player, resulting in more symbiotic tactics while playing with a friend.


pillage-3.jpg (31759 bytes)          pillage-4.jpg (34603 bytes)


While details for Pillage are decidedly vague, it is a game with RPG elements headed to the Gamecube and Xbox, two systems whose libraries are starved for the genre, as well as the PS2.  Will the game be a breath of fresh air or the next Quest 64?  Only time will tell, but it’s only a scant few months until we’ll be able to see for ourselves when the game is released in Q1 2004.


- Mr. Nash

(November 5, 2003)