Platform: PC, Xbox

Genre: Role-Playing

Publisher: Bethesda

Developer: Akella

ETA: June 2003


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Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates-carribean-11.jpg (17660 bytes)   pirates-carribean-21.jpg (29032 bytes)   pirates-carribean-31.jpg (48948 bytes)

Above: Screens of PC Version

Weíve seen plenty of games based on movies over the years, sometimes turning out well, often times turning out poorly.  But to see a game based on a movie based on a theme park ride is rather odd.  Such is the case with Pirates of the Caribbean.  Who would have thought anyone would want to make a movie based on the Disney ride, let alone make a game based on that movie?  Whatever the reasons itíll be hitting store shelves by the summer.

pirates-carribean-xbox-11.jpg (32628 bytes)   pirates-carribean-xbox-21.jpg (39275 bytes)   pirates-carribean-xbox-31.jpg (32120 bytes)

Above: Screens of Xbox Version


- Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie

- A true role-playing game set on land and sea during the heyday of pirates

- Hire officers to improve your skills, accompany you while exploring on land, and even fight with you.

- Explore entire towns and islands, including jungles, caves, and smugglerís dens

- Intense and exciting naval battles

- Thrilling sword and pistol duels in towns and during ship-to-ship boarding

- Outstanding graphics and 3D effects

- Realistic wind and weather effects, including storms and even waterspouts


The game is being handled by Bethesda, the same folks responsible for the popular pirate-based PC title, Sea Dogs, so hopefully their experience will help to polish the game.  Nonetheless, skepticism already rears its ugly head with most people the second a game based on a movie is announced, but to have a game based on a movie based on a ride will surely raise even more eyebrows.  Whatever the case, itíll be interesting to see how Bethesda handles the game.  Thereís hardly any games on any platform that could be described as swashbuckling as it is, maybe the completed version of this game will be worthy of the descriptor.

Mr. Nash

(April 6, 2003)