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rage          rage


Rage is a game of contrasts; verily, the kind of game that takes your breath away with its artistry, depth of emotion, and examination of the Human Spirit yearning for a sublime coupling of Logic and Spirituality.


Not really.


With Rage you'll find what id Software is known for: killing mutants/demons, decapitating when necessary, and generally blowing things up. And actually, I had a problem nailing down Rage to a particular genre. The shooting part looked good (if



somewhat "standard"), but there are also elements of role-playing (leveling-up) and car combat/racing. During the demo, the latter aspect was downplayed as merely a method of getting from Point A to Point B very quickly, but there was still a short encounter with several Wasteland marauders. KA-BOOM! Okay, next checkpoint.


The story pushing the character forward,


seems to be cribbed from the Fallout series. As per my scribbled notes, you're the "lone survivor of an underground pod put there so humanity would escape extinction due to a meteor strike." (There were other people in the pod, but none of them survived, for some reason.) The meteor strike has obliterated most of the population but a few stragglers eke out an existence, fighting off mutants in the process. There's some "shady government running things and/or experimenting on" the remaining populace, which (I assume) will likely produce an endpoint for the game.


rage          rage


The centerpiece of the demo was a mission that took the player from the open wasteland area to an underground facility where he had to prevent the water supply from being poisoned.


Mobile turrets were shown, a lighting gun shocked some bad guys (remember firing the lighting gun while going for a swim in Quake?), and a glaive-type weapon liberated heads from necks. In short, it felt kind of run of the mill. Though with a lot more color than id is known for.


Then the demo switched to another outdoor area, this one littered with collapsed and knocked-over buildings. After a brief skirmish with some regular mutants, a towering pile of muscle and mechanical death appeared. Out came the rocket launcher and the fight was over pretty quick. The area went quiet until a rolling thunder rocked the screen, spilling dust from the collapsed buildings. Then another. Something big was coming. Suddenly it came into view -- this thing was almost as big as the some of the buildings that had collapsed. (Noted: "Cool!!!")


Then the demo was over.


rage          rage


Vertical slice demos are a tough thing to watch sometimes. How does a person make sense of it all when most everything is taken out of context? Undeniably, Rage looks fantastic -- all of it being handcrafted and "touched by an artist" and making full use of id Tech 5 -- but it's hard to judge what the focus is or how much of the game (like the driving/racing) might be optional. We all have to wait until sometime in 2011 for the answers.


- Aaron Simmer

(June 25, 2010)


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