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Space Marine


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For the longest time, we've always thought of the Warhammer franchise as a tried and true strategy game, be it in table top or computer game format. In the not-so-distant future, though, it's going to try something a little different, as it veers into the world of action shooters with Space Marine for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. There isn't a lot to go on just yet, but from the footage available there's plenty of incentive to keep an eye on this game.


Taking place on an Imperial Forge planet, one of the worlds that contributes to the Imperium's industrial output, the planet comes under attack by a massive ork invasion force. They've come intent on unearthing a Warlord class battle titan, which is a massive mech that could destroy vast swaths of opposing human forces. Of course, the Imperium isn't just going to let this happen, so it's up to Captain Titus and his unit of space marines to step in and prevent the orks from getting their hands on the titan.




By the looks of things thus far, Space Marine appears to have a Dynasty Warriors / Gears of War vibe going on, as it features large scale fights with some fast-paced combat, all fitting under the sci-fi banner that we've come to expect from a game featuring space marines. Since players are taking control of all of Titus' squad, this means that they'll have four specialized soldiers at their disposal: an


assault marine, a sergeant, a tactical marine, and a devastator. Exactly what each of these unit's abilities entails remains to be seen but it would seem there'll be a decent amount of variety in how players go about destroying ork armies.


It can be easy to poke a little bit of fun at the game industry about how its been pumping out so many games featuring space marines over the years, but at least with this game it makes no qualms about being what it is. It's unlikely this game will have much of an identity crisis, even if we are seeing a Warhammer game that is stepping away from its normally more strategic comfort zone.


Mr. Nash
September 26, 2010

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