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Shaba Games



October 21, 2008




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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows


spider-man web of shadows          spider-man web of shadows


As much as I like to squelch my inner comic book geek, the moment I saw a symbiote version of Wolverine I knew Spider-Man: Web of Shadows would be on my Most Wanted list.  And in case there's any confusion in your mind when I write about a "symbiote version of Wolverine" just stop reading now because you're probably not enough of a geek to appreciate what Shaba Games is doing with the Spider-Man license.


Not being tied to a movie franchise will only help Spider-Man: Web of Shadows because there's no predetermined plot points that need to be touched upon - this



allows the designers the freedom to create a story all their own, which revolves around the return of Venom and an invasion of symbiote soldiers.  Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. take quick action when the invasion force shows up and quarantines the affected area, Manhattan (where else?), until an attack plan can be drawn up.  In the meantime, Spider-Man - wearing both classic and black suits at the flick of a button - has no way out and must find a way to


defeat Venom.


Of course, this being a wide-open, free-swinging Manhattan, there are plenty of superheroes and villains that will either lend a hand or impede Spidey's progress, which include Luke Cage, Rhino, Vulture, Storm, Nightcrawler, Black Cat and Kingpin.


So far so good, Shaba seems to be hitting all the right marks for a sandbox superhero game.


spider-man web of shadows          spider-man web of shadows


spider-man web of shadows          spider-man web of shadows


When it comes to combat though... it appears to be so fast, so furious that it reminds me Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry.  The advantage those games have is that gravity actually matters.  In Web of Shadows, Spider-Man fights on the ground, in the air, and on the side of buildings.  Honestly some of the clips of the combat actually brought a twinge of vertigo as my brain tried to keep up with the changing perspective.  Spider-Man is just as acrobatic as any of the previous console games, if not moreso.  Videos have shown him throwing cars, flinging bad guys into the air then webbing them mid-flight for some more pummeling, changing costumes (and presumably power sets) during a combo, and doing it all on the side of a building.  This will either be the most "true" Spider-Man game ever, or complete mess as players stumble through the game trying to perform combos.  I only write that because I haven't been able to see how the in-game camera performs.  In-game cameras always seem to be the wild card because we have all seen our fair share of wonky camera work over the years, basically ever since 3D became the standard for action games.  Hopefully, since Shaba has wanted to make a game like this for years, they'll give this aspect of the game much thought, consideration, and bug testing.


spider-man web of shadows          spider-man web of shadows


Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is expected to ship on October 21, 2008 - a crowded time of the year at the best of times, but with the likes of Dead Space and Fallout 3 arriving soon after... I'm getting in some sleep now because there won't be much of that at the end of October!


- Omni

(August 29, 2008)


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