Platform: GC, PS2, XB, PC

Genre: Action

Publisher: Ubi Soft

Developer: Ubi Soft

ESRB: Q1 2004


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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

splinter-cell-pandora-tomorrow-1.jpg (44191 bytes)          splinter-cell-pandora-tomorrow-2.jpg (44736 bytes)


The sequel to the smash hit Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow has potential of ripping open the competition in 2004…well, maybe not Halo 2, but every other game.


Splinter Cell made a huge debut hushing those Metal Gear fanboys who thought the game would be a rip-off. Now, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is taking a big step forward adding online capabilities, and much, much, more.


Since the multiplayer factor of the next Splinter Cell will be crucial to the game’s success, Ubi Soft made sure to “wow” the crowd. The multiplayer of Pandora Tomorrow consists of two teams: one being the Mercenaries, the other known as Spies. Each side has it’s own unique gadgets to create a balanced and fair game. The Mercenaries have the ability to man spotlights and motion detectors, and alarm one another of intruders via the HUD system. The Spies keep true to their nature and remain quiet, being able to move softly and place sticky cameras to peak over at any of the enemies. Ubi Soft has decided to keep the online matches low key, only allowing up to 4 players in a single game (2vs2). From what is known so far, Xbox Live will be flooded with gamers next year.



From the vague facts released by Ubi Soft, new features of the single player remain, for the most part, hidden from view. However, some new features will include: jumping off of walls, standing upside-down on ceilings, and possibly an alternate first-person view.


Along with the great enhancements to the gameplay, the biggest factor of the single-player lies in the effectiveness and skill of the enemy AI. Although specific details about the AI are yet to be elaborated upon, all Ubi Soft will tell us is that Pandora Tomorrow features escalating alarm levels (the louder you are, or more disturbance you cause will generate a higher level of awareness from the AI).  More will be unveiled about the game in the coming weeks, but expect an official press release containing all of the game’s information in early January.


splinter-cell-pandora-tomorrow-3.jpg (40366 bytes)          splinter-cell-pandora-tomorrow-4.jpg (43462 bytes)


The first Splinter Cell, with its deep story, amazing graphics, and impeccable gameplay ruled all single-player games in 2002. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is likely to do the same, but this time spreading its reach over the multiplayer realm as well. Expect Pandora Tomorrow to ship in Q1 2004. 


Eric Lahiji

December 12, 2003