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January 2012



Review: SSX Tricky (XB)

Review: SSX: On Tour (PS2)

Review: SSX Blur (Wii)

Action Figure: Elise (SSX Tricky)

Action Figure: Psymon (SSX Tricky)




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ssx          ssx


ssx          ssx


There's a noticeable dearth of information about SSX beyond the fact not all SSX characters from the previous titles will make an appearance, wingsuits will be put



to use (somehow), and snowboarding will take place on mountains modeled after real-world equivalents like "the Himalayas."


Considering how little is known about the title it almost goes without saying that EA is probably holding the biggest reveal for the upcoming E3 2011 in June.  Watch this space for more updates.



- Aaron Simmer

(May 5, 2011)

ssx          ssx


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