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Star Trek


star trek          star trek


Iím a pretty big Star Trek fan. Iíve got a lot of collectibles in a room and I even own the 3D Star Trek chess set. As a seasoned gamer Iíve felt the pain and cried the tears over the years for all the bad Star Trek games that have come and gone. The good news? I have truly have hope for the future, and not just in the 23rd and 24th centuries but here and now!

The all new Star Trek game from Digital Extremes is built with the same engine that is being used for the Darkness II and I can honestly say it looks extremely impressive. The demonstration I saw had two machines connected together for co-op play and this is where this game really shines. Co-op isnít just an afterthought or



something wedged in here later in the development cycle. It looks likes this is here from day one.

Using the likeness of the new Star Trekís Kirk and Spock, this game will be coming out next summer to coincide with the new movie. However, it will not follow the movieís plot or be pulled back by limitations that many game developers have


when working on movie franchises.

The game can be played either with split screen, local system link or across the internet. You can play as either Kirk or Spock and your decision on which character you play will affect your gameplay greatly. The weapons are actually different to a degree. You help each other when wounded and work towards common goals. This worked very well in the footage that I saw but it did leave me to wonder what will happen for a single player experience. The game is so co-op oriented that I can only assume a single player game will have you working with an artificial intelligence counterpart, so if thatís the case letís hope that the A.I. is good.

From what Iíve seen already Iím very excited about the possibilities of this game. I have a friend who is a bigger Star Trek fan than I am and I have already decided we are going to setup two systems, two TVís and just geek out in the Star Trek universe over the course of a weekend. Set your phasers to fun!


- Syd Bolton

(June 28, 2011)


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