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Platform: GameCube, Playstation 2
Genre: Sidecroller Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
ETA: Winter 2004 

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Viewtiful Joe 2


viewtiful joe 2 preview          viewtiful joe 2 preview


Word on the street is that the original Viewtiful Joe didn’t sell that well.  A GameCube exclusive, Viewtiful Joe was such a stylish mix of old school sidescrolling fighting games and crazy cel-shaded action that it was a hard game to put down (even with some frustrating boss battles).  Although it’s was given mostly high marks all-round from the gaming press, it might be one of the most under appreciated titles on the GameCube.  This is why it’s so heartening to see Viewtfiul Joe 2 (VJ2) in the works.


On display at this year’s E3, VJ2 is looking to be in great shape for a Winter 2004 release.  It played nearly identically to the original and the graphics are the same cel-shaded style.  But there are changes coming to the series (besides the simultaneous GameCube and Playstation 2 launch):


viewtiful joe 2 preview          viewtiful joe 2 preview


At the beginning of this new adventure, we find Joe and his girlfriend, Silvia, ready to face even tougher enemies and greater challenges.  This time around, not only will gamers be able to play as Joe, but as Silvia right off the bat as well. In addition to being equipped with her pompoms, Silvia will be packing some heat as she wields a projectile weapon to help defeat the encroaching evil that lurks in the shadows.


Keeping to the stylized yet richly detailed visuals, Viewtiful Joe 2 stays true to its masterfully crafted roots and delivers an even more brilliant and polished videogame.  New cinematic visual effect (VFX) powers, such as “Replay” which allows gamers to repeat a part of the action for heroic results, have been implemented to help solve ingenious puzzles, defeat unique yet relentless enemies and add variety to gameplay: Spanning across an increased number of stages and environments including a jungle, snowy mountains and outer space, Viewtiful Joe 2 incorporates more impressive quasi 2D/3D action with over 40 new types of adversaries to obliterate.  The not-so-average-Joe will once again break the gaming mold and deliver an experience unlike any other with his polished martial arts attacks, high-flying acrobatics, and compelling storyline.




More viewtiful 2D/3D hybrid action spanning more stages.


New second playable character – Now gamers can select Joe’s girlfriend, Silvia, who not only struts around with her infamous pompoms but also wields a weapon that fires projectiles to fend off the fiendish foes that she encounters.


Over 40 different types of enemies to obliterate!


More diverse stages to explore -  Viewtiful Joe 2 takes players through awe-inspiring detailed environments including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains and outer space.


Six variations to the Six Machine - Now Joe’s trusty aircraft transforms into various shapes to support his activities throughout various stages such as a racer, cannon, drill or submarine.


In addition to the infamous “Slow,” “Mach Speed,” and “Zoom In” visual effects (VFX) powers, the action is even hotter this time around with the new “Replay” VFX power.  Replay a punch for three times the damage. Need to restore some health? Eat a hamburger and replay it so you get three times the effect! But beware, try not to use Replay when getting hit or take on three times the damage!


Grab a hold of the enemy to swing and throw them around with vigor!


I know that gaming journalist are supposed to write without bias, etc., etc, journalistic integrity, yada yada, but I'll be lining up for this one.


- Omni

(May 30, 2004)