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War of the Worlds


war of the worlds          war of the worlds


If you had the chance to flip through all of the properties that Paramount owns the rights to, jumping onto “War of the Worlds” (as a game) might not be the first thing you would do. However, upon closer inspection it’s actually a pretty cool place to



end up. During a demo I saw at E3 the joke was that “Barberella” was actually the first choice but maybe Jane Fonda wasn’t available for voice-over work (all you youngins’ out there go do a search to understand what I’m talking about here).

Inspired by the classic “Prince of Persia” and “Flashback”, War of the Worlds takes a


decidedly two dimensional approach and yet pulls together an amazing 40 layers of parallax scrolling to create a great looking world. This game is all about survival so don’t expect to be doing a ton of shooting but rather fancy evading and thought-provoking timing.


war of the worlds         war of the worlds


While it’s still a bit too early to tell how extensive the gameplay is going to be in the final game, what I’ve seen so far looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – but also extremely hard. If you are hardcore, this is going to be a definite for you. Created by the developers who most recently brought us “Dark Void Zero” on DSiWare, War of the Worlds already looks like it has great polish and a great plotline to work from. Who doesn’t love a game where we’re being invaded by aliens and have to survive?

If you’re not convinced yet that you have to give it a try then consider this: Patrick Stewart provides the voice-over. Enough said. We’ll see you later this year.


- Syd Bolton

(June 22, 2011)


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