Arm Chair Empire has always been known as a review outlet. From our early roots, we have reviewed game consoles ranging from the Playstation 2, to the Xbox 360 and PC. While many of our reviews are now considered “out-dated” – especially those on the older consoles, we have now shifted our efforts towards providing our readers (you) with comprehensive, up-to-date and unbiased reviews of the latest and best gaming gear on the market.

Gaming Peripheral Reviews:

Gaming monitor header image

After hours of “testing” (playing games), we’ve compiled the data and put together our recommendations for the best gaming monitor for your money. Check out all of our gaming monitor reviews

gaming headset reviews header imageNothing can sabotage your gaming experience more than poor sound. It affects your enjoyment and the enjoyment of those playing with you. Use our guide to find the best gaming headset reviews and everything you need for top-level audio experience.

gaming keyboard reviews header imageThe feel and reaction time of your keyboard can make or break your experience. Gaining a millisecond over the competition can be the difference between a headshot and a miss and the difference between a win and a loss. We understand that everyone is different so our gaming keyboard reviews are designed to help you make the best purchase for your experience.

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