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E (Everyone)



March 27, 2011



– Actually take the dog for the a walk
– Some AR Card functionality
– Voice commands seem much improved over the original DS game



– Grated on my nerves after a couple of hours



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Nintendogs + Cats

Score: 9.0 / 10



Maybe the best thing about Nintendogs + Cats is that anything can be substitute in place of Cats.

Nintendogs + Venomous Snakes
Nintendogs + Snapping Turtles
Nintendogs + Pokemon

That list is endless and I applaud Nintendo for leaving it wide open for an endless parade of sequals, which is exactly what + Cats is, a sequal to the 2005 DS title




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Like the original, the purpose of the game is to take care of your dog of choice. Walking it, washing it, feeding and watering it, entering contests, teaching it basic commands, and scratching it behind the ears. Then, if money has been managed properly, a cat may be purchased.

For most of this I was but an observer. My nine-year old daughter

took control almost immediately and I watched her name her golden retriever (Samantha) and start on rounds of walks, play time and washing, with the occasional competition to earn some money. And just as I was about to tell her that it was time to close the lid on Samantha for a little while, the game instructed her to close the lid and walk around so that Samantha could get some exercise. Those internal gyroscopes are put to practical use!




I’m not much of a cat person to begin with so my opinion on the inclusion of Cats should be taken with that in mind. They seem pretty pointless, no matter what arguments my daughter may mount in their favor. Getting the cat seemed to be the overriding goal for her and once she got there her interest diminished long enough for me to break out the AR Cards that came packed with the 3DS.

Put the Mario card on the table in front of the twin cameras and *poof* the dog wears a Mario hat. I’ll admit it was kind of cool as was the fact Samantha seemed to “recognize” my daughter and even how she was holding her head.

As impressive as some of Nintendogs + Cats is on a technological level, I failed miserably to really get anything out of it. However, I’m not the target market in this case and my daughter had no problem awarding the game a very good score.

– Aaron Simmer

(April 12, 2011)