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Namco Bandai



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March 22, 2011



- A very solidly built racer
- Dumped the touchscreen control of the DS version



- For me, Something about 3D in racing games makes them nearly unplayable
- I wasn't too tempted to try most of the cars I unlocked
- Too many menus



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Ridge Racer 3D

Score: 7.5 / 10


ridge racer 3d          ridge racer 3d


I can't play racing games in 3D, end of sentence. Even pushing the 3D slider up a little is enough to completely kill my timing and ability to anticipate the next corner. Forget full-on 3D. That makes Ridge Racer 3D almost completely unplayable for me. I pushed the slider all the way down and suddenly I started having fun with the game.

Some will not have this viewing problem. (Androids from the future, we welcome you!)

While Ride Racer 3D's gimmick collapses dead at my feet when it comes to actually




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racing, I did like watching my replays in 3D.

I spent an inordinate amount of time watching my replays just to see where I had gone wrong and what I could have done better on the game's many tracks and across the game's modes.

Like the Ridge Racer games before it, 3D is all about drifting around corners to maintain


speed and revs, popping boost just at the right time to sail by the competition as thumpity techno plays in the background. Ridge Racer 3D has all that in spades and the racing is actually very good.

What annoys me is that the game has, what feels like, menus that go forever. From start screen to racing, it can be as many as 8 different menus before actually getting to the race. That seems like way too many when all I want to do is race.


ridge racer 3d         ridge racer 3d


I also thought it was strange that I was very reluctant to try other vehicles as I unlocked them. I really got to know the starting car and drove it almost exclusively. Sliding and drifting around corners is an acquired skill. Minor adjustments made with the control nub as a car screams around a corner at 200 km/h is an acquired skill for each vehicle and once I'd (more or less) mastered the feel of the original car, I wanted to avoid any frustration having to re-learn some very nuanced driving. I did actually try some of the other cars, but the starting car is my first choice.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can try some of the local multiplayer racing that Ridge Racer 3D offers, particularly the chance to wager points that have been earned during the single player mode. I think that point incentive (betting, essentially) is something that would really make for a very competitive experience. Heck, even I was able to place bets on my single-player experience would heighten the competitiveness of even the most mundane courses and then I might even forgive all those darn menus I have to wade through to get to the racing.

- Aaron Simmer

(April 29, 2011)


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