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March 25, 2011



- Plays really well
- Touchscreen "power" buttons
- Many multiplayer options
- Incorporates pedometer coins
- Lots of different costume options



- Backgrounds are unnaturally static
- Dynamic Mode is a visual showcase but nearly impossible to play
- 3DS nub takes a little practice



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Super Street Fighter IV:       3D Edition

Score: 9.0 / 10


super street fighter iv 3d edition          super street fighter iv 3d edition


With a roster of 35 characters, the kind of depth chart that would give most of us night terrors, and the kind of split-second decision making requirements normally reserved for cocaine addicts, Super Street Fighter IV doesn't have the reputation as being an accessible experience. Enter the "3D Edition," which smoothes out some of




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those bumps for an entertaining experience, alongside all that depth and complexity.

Capcom did a great service for people like me that play fighting games to have fun and watch colors explode all over the place by including four "buttons" on the touchscreen, which are essential shortcuts for performing the more complicated moves, like the Ultra Combo and Super Combo attacks. Being


able to perform any of these moves reliably would be a nightmare because as good as the 3DS's nub-stick is, it's definitely not the same (or as accurate) as a joystick. Plus, the shoulder buttons are used for strong attacks! After long play times, this can lead to cramping of the index fingers.


super street fighter iv 3d edition          street fighter iv 3d edition


Something that Capcom did a phenomenal job with, is re-creating the look of the game's big brother console versions. The backgrounds don't have the same level of activity or detail but the characters are awesome. And put on the 3D and the game "pops!" like it never has before. Fighting in Dynamic Mode, a skewed back/side look, really is a showcase for what games can look like on the 3DS, especially in 3D but it's nearly unplayable in that view (even if some people swear by it).

The AI is no push-over, but Capcom has done everything they can to provide as many options as possible to allow players to fight each other rather than the AI. I have yet to experience any problems connecting to random players or friends online. And maybe I was just lucky, but I didn't notice any lag.


super street fighter iv 3d edition         super street fighter iv 3d edition


I haven't had a chance to try local wireless play, but I imagine that it would likely be on par or better than the online experience.


And I'll probably have to wait a bit to try out the StreetPass functionality. I like the idea behind it though. A group of collected figures is assembled into a team, with various tweakable attributes and a definite rule set. This team can then square off in StreetPass battles that happen without any further input from the player. I really like the idea of my digital team waging silent battles with strangers.

Being able to snap the lid closed after a round and pick it up again hours later while I'm standing in line at the bank makes Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition the ultimate version of the title. The portability factor and ease of use, even without the production values of the console version, just made it easier for me to get into.

- Aaron Simmer

(April 1, 2011)


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