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T (Teen)



Q4 2000



- Solid, fresh visuals

- More gameplay than you can shake a stick at



- Occasional wonky cameras

- Repetitive music



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Jet Grind Radio

Score: 9 / 10

Sega has really been pumping out some innovative games during 2000 with titles like Crazy Taxi and VOOT, and upcoming titles like Phantasy Star Online and 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker. Jet Grind Radio is another such title. Combining action, extreme sports, and an almost Pa Rappa-styled gameplay, this game has a lot to offer and will keep Dreamcast owners busy for quite a while.


Jet Grind Radio Review   Jet Grind Radio Review   Jet Grind Radio Review


Even the visuals are unique. The presentation has a very original quality that has never been seen in a game before. Instead of going for a very realistic, or traditionally cartoony look, Jet Grind Radioís graphic design emulates the style and feel of the graffiti art that is prevalent throughout the title. The characters and environment have a 2D, paper cutout look to them that is very different, and the design is just like that of the figures one would expect to see on a piece of graffiti. Adding to the quality of the visuals is a smooth frame rate that doesnít chug for a minute. The only trouble comes in the somewhat slow cameras. Sometimes they donít stick on the characters as well as they should, and it becomes difficult to see where youíre going for a moment, causing a collision, and letting the police catch up to you and inflict some damage. Other than that, though, the gameís visuals are very, very good.





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Unfortunately the games audio doesnít hold up as well as its visuals. While the sound effects and voice work are quite acceptable, the music is very repetitive. It doesnít take long for the songs to become irritating during the course of a level, making the use of oneís stereo a must. 

What makes the title shine is its gameplay. The unique mix of different genres slapped together makes for a very interesting package. Itís wonderfully fun trying to avoid the SWAT teams, 


gunships, and the good olí police captain while trying to defend your turf from the thugs in rival gangs. Being able to a variety of tricks off of the various obstacles in the levels makes the fun even greater. Putting up the graffiti art is performed similar to the dancing games on the market, oddly enough. The player gets on-screen prompts that tell what directions to move the joystick, and after going through the paces the tag is completed. All in all the gameplay is very fun.

Gamers looking for something different to play on their Dreamcast should seriously consider getting Jet Grind Radio. The unique gameplay alone makes the title worth spending some time with.

Reviewed by Mr. Nash

(December 20, 2000)

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