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T (Teen)



Q3 2000



- Great animations, moves, and robot design

- Voice acting stayed in Japanese

- VMU mini games



- Not the most dazzling of visuals



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Tech Romancer

Score: 8.5/10


Taking a tongue and cheek approach to the giant robot phenomenon, Tech Romancer really has fun with these lumbering mechanical Goliaths. With the wide range of over-sized war machines to choose from thereís more than enough fighting goodness to go around here. Some fancy, easy to pull off special moves have also been thrown into the mix giving the game has a ton of pick-up and play value to it too. Itís a wonderfully lighthearted fighter indeed.


tech-romancer-1.jpg (20008 bytes)          tech-romancer-2.jpg (21996 bytes)


While the visuals arenít quite as heart-wrenchingly beautiful as some that have been found in other games for the Dreamcast, the robot design and animation in Tech Romancer is still a beautiful sight to behold. The war machines themselves have been designed by the folks that brought us Robotec, so there are some striking similarities to some of the legendary mechanical beasts of that series. But what really adds to the visuals are the little extras taken straight from the pages of great manga and anime TV shows. When opponents look grips or their beam attacks collide the camera angle quickly changes and swooshing lines streak across the background as the robotsí pilots grit their teeth and struggle to come out victorious in their current predicament. With some huge explosions and some well-drawn anime, still-scene sequences in between the battles also present the visuals still provide a big chunk of charm.





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These fancy, anime-oriented moves are great to look at and are very easy to pull of thanks to the solid controls of the game. Responsiveness is top-notch here, so you neednít worry about yanking at the controls while cursing at the top of your lunges because youíve tried a million times to get this or that fancy attack to work, only to wind up jumping into the air while punching. The moves are in fact setup to be very simple. No up, up, counterclockwise semi-circle, left, left, B, X, Y+A stick maneuvers to pull off a throw here. No sir! Moves have been kept very straightforward. Heck, finishing moves simply consist of pressing four buttons at the same time.


Besides these simple to use moves, players can also take advantage of their surroundings in Tech Romancer. Being able hide behind builds to avoid beam attacks, and stomping apartments flat just to get the power-ups inside is fun stuff. Although Iíd like to know what a hospital needs a rocket launcher, or Armor Up for.

tech-romancer-3.jpg (20392 bytes)          tech-romancer-4.jpg (20401 bytes)

Tech Romancer even has VMU mini games where players can rack up points to be used later to unlock features in the game. Theyíre simple, but actually quite fun.

What will really appeal to the hardcore anime fan, however, is that the Japanese voice acting has remained intact. Many anime films have been dubbed in English over the years (and often quite badly) much to the chagrin of many anime fans. It is such a welcome decision that Capcom chose to leave it intact here. Also, the sound effects and music are both quite well done.

Tech Romancer is a great lighthearted, anime influenced title. Itís easy to get into and has a great deal of charm. Good stuff!

Reviewed by Mr. Nash

(September 1, 2000)

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