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T (Teen)



Q4 1999



- Very technical

- Unique patterns for the moves

- Solid controls



- Weak graphics

- Annoying sounds and music

- It's new yet already feels dated



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Virtua Fighter 3tb

Score: 7.3/10


The Virtua Fighter series has always garnered more than a little attention in the arcades. Itís far more technical fight simulation style has one over a very devout following, making it a classic. So along comes the Dreamcast and its hassle-free, dreamy Naomi conversion abilities that make many arcade perfect ports a cakewalk. Well, Virtua Fighter 3tb may be a respectable port, but what it presents is hardly dazzling, lacking that Next Gen pinnace gamers expect from the powerful system.


virtua-fighter-3tb-1.jpg (14581 bytes)          virtua-fighter-3tb-2.jpg (45007 bytes)


This lackluster look can be seen right away as the characters and environments look disappointing when compared to the graphical grandeur that has been wowing the masses on many of the other games available for the Dreamcast. The characters are downright plain when compared to the cast of Soul Calibur. The clothes doesnít more, the hair doesnít sway in the breeze, nothing. The different arenas donít come to life in any magical way both as they have a non-descript look, and there is a weak sense of depth, as the backgrounds donít often go far off into the distance. So the up close perspective takes away from a more engrossing epic environment that could otherwise have been present if the backgrounds were more vibrant.





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But it isnít only the visuals that subtract from the experience, as the audio is a mix of mediocre sound effects and annoying music.


What will save the experience is the solid gameplay of VF3tb. The moves are plentiful, and they provide a unique challenge as to how theyíre executed when compared to many of the other fighting games out there, which is always refreshing. Players will have to put in some practice time in order to become comfortable with the moves, but once the moves are down cold the combos that can be 


pulled off are quite menacing. Despite the fancy attacks that are available it is the complicated, stripped down, "un-flashiness" of the moves that will be a turn off to many players who are used to the more popular over-the-top, extravagant approach to the genre which is so popular. This game is a fight sim plain and simple.

This is a game that is best suited for fighting game aficionados who are always looking for a new and unique approach to the genre. Realism is the crux of this title and as such it is a very meat and potatoes approach to fighting. For fans of the series, and those looking for a more realistic fighter Virtua Fighter 3tb offers a very satisfying experience, but for those who like the fireballs, and glitziness this game may be a shade too plain.

Reviewed by Mr. Nash


(September 1, 2000)

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