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Sonic Team



E (Everyone)



October 2003



- Happy-go-lucky style and gameplay

- Easy control

- Has all the platformer conventions

- Great multiplayer

- Some GBA connectivity



- Elliptical paths while pushing big eggs are the cause for big frustration

- Maybe too cute for its own good



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Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Score: 7.9 / 10


Courtesy his magical rooster suit – yes, magical rooster suit – Billy Hatcher has the means to end the darkness brought by the nefarious crows. (C’mon you knew they were evil!)  And so you have the setup for Sonicteam’s first non-Sonic the Hedgehog game, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (BH).  While it’s not the break-out hit that some may have expected, BH has more than enough to recommend itself to platformer fans and younger gamers.


billy hatcher and the giant egg gamecube review          billy hatcher and the giant egg gamecube review


As mentioned previously, Billy’s main task is to vanquish the evil crows, rescue the Chicken Elders, and restore morning to the land.  Predictably (and as the screenshots suggest) he does this by using eggs.  As has been scientifically proven (ha!) eggs will grow to mammoth proportions if you run over fruit while pushing them.  As the almighty egg is Billy’s main mode of attack, it pays to always be pushing an egg.  Or spiking it, slamming it or pogo-ing it upon your enemies.  Of course, when eggs reach their full size, they can be hatched – by shouting “Coo-ka-doodle-do!”  Not all the eggs have contents to pillage, but most of the time when Billy hatches an egg there’s some kind of power-up or useful buddy attacker inside.  By the end of the game you’ll be able to identify what kind of egg Billy rolls around by its color or design.


While baddies are generally easy to vanquish, the puzzles will cause you to pause.  Sometimes it’s a matter of simply finding the right egg at the right time, but other times it can mean some tricky timing and positioning.  In fact, this where most of the BH’s frustrations and problems lie.  In some areas you’ll drop into the abyss more times than you can count.  Lining things up is a problem because of Billy’s elliptical approach to a given situation – pushing a boulder-sized egg will do that.  But it’s hard to stay mad at BH.





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Younger gamers will appreciate BH’s ease of use and accessibility – this is after all, a game aimed at them. (Just as Sonic was aimed at younger gamers when it was released.)  Older players should really dig the multiplayer options.


Up to four players can duke it out in Time Battle, Stock Battle, and Hatch Battle, which all have variables that can be set before a match begins.  I have a hard time putting my finger on which mode is my favorite because they’re so balanced and 


equally fun.  Time Battle awards points for toppling opponents – the most points at the end of the time limit wins.  Stock Battle has nothing to do with making soup.  No, this is BH’s version of your typical deathmatch mode (without the gibs).  Maybe the most frenetic mode is Hatch Battle, where you bomb around trying to hatch more eggs than your opponents.  Since you have to collect fruit to grow your egg before hatching it, you have to balance going after the fruit and taking every opportunity to slam your opponents.  Many hours of multiplayer fun!


BH’s play extends even further, to the GameBoy Advance.  Collect mini-games during play then you can download them to your GBA.  The mini-games aren’t taxing, but I love extras!


Billy Hatcher may never catch on as a marquee Sega character, but his debut is a somewhat fun game on the cartoony side of weird.  Younger gamers will appreciate BH more than older gamers (because they can cope with frustration better) but everyone can enjoy the multiplayer games.


- Omni

(November 2, 2003)

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