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May 10, 2005



- If you liked Donkey Konga, this is right up your alley



- More of the same isnít always a good thing

- List of songs is extensive but just not as good as the original



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Donkey Konga 2

Score: 6.0 / 10


donkey konga 2 review          donkey konga 2 review


In the vast fertile fields of gaming there are a lot of games that are deserving of sequels.  And if not outright sequels then a prequel or even a title that plays off an established franchise, a spin-off.  One of those games is not Donkey Konga, which has for some reason spawned a sequel.




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My bare animosity toward Donkey Konga 2 stems from my dislike of the first game and the fact I possess very little in the way of timing and/or rhythm.  The basics of the original remain intact Ė clap, slap and bang the bongos to the music with the help of some scrolling icons.  Up to four can play at once, either with the bongos or the regular control in a variety of modes, which donít differ all that much from the previous title.



The presentation also sticks to the familiar territory but the roster of (unlockable) music is completely new and thatís not necessarily a good thing.  In a game that so relies on music the available tracks should be engaging and not drive a gamer insane the second time he hears.  There are several recognizable tunes Ė Shiny Happy People, La Bamba, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Ė but there are no original tunes or DK remixes, which is a kick in the ears because Nintendo has some really gifted musicians working there.


However, if you were a fan of the original, youíll probably jump right in and dig the action even if the soundtrack isnít as good as last time around even if the multiplayer action stills maintains its entertainment value.  For the rest of us with bongos, we will quietly wait for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 2.


- Omni

(July 13, 2005)

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