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Party Game









E (Everyone)



November 2003



- Still gets friends playing

- Good mini-games

- Quite a bit of strategy involved



- The more cynical will tire easily



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Mario Party 5

Score: 8.3 / 10


As the name might suggest, Mario Party 5 (MP5) is the latest in Nintendoís long-running party game series.  Much of the mechanics and basic design is taken directly from previous installments so if youíve played those ones you should have a grasp on what to expect with (MP5): a board packed with mini-games. [Please read our review of Mario Party 4.]


mario party 5 gamecube review          mario party 5 gamecube review


Maybe the freshest aspect of MP5 is the Super Duel Mode.  For one and two players (via split screen) you duke it out in an arena with machines of your own making.  Assembling your machine is pretty simple: buy the parts, put them together, select and driver and GO!  What kind of machine you put together is governed somewhat by the number of points youíve earned in the other game modes.  Every part you buy Ė body, tires, engine, weapon Ė comes at a cost of your collected points, so the more you play, the more points you have to buy better parts.  These machines can be saved to your memory card so you can take your machine to a friendís house and lay the smack down.  Good fun!


The other game modes, include Party Time, Story Mode and Mini-Game Mode.


Party Time is your main mode for multiplayer fun.  The essentials havenít changed: Four players all get a ďrollĒ of the dice, move about the board, then take part in a 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, and everyone for themselves mini-games.  The ultimate goal is to collect enough coins (by stealing them, winning them) to allow you to collect the Star of each board.  Each board is different but they can be further modified during the course of a game by using collected Capsules, like dropping a Hammer Brothers capsule that will take 10 coins from the player that lands on that space.





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Story Mode is like Party Mode but itís a completely single-player experience, and the board spaces are altered a bit.  Itís you against BowserÖ snore!  Mario Party has never been known for itís compelling narratives.  The Mini-Game mode lets you take on mini-games youíve conquered in the Story and Party modes.


The mini-games themselves are of the usual twitch, timing and teamwork variety, with simple controls and a frenetic pace.  Hereís a game you can play with your friends and kids equally.  Thereís a good variety of games too so thereís not too much repetition.



Solid graphics and animation round out the package.  It hardly deviates from Mario Partyís previous installment in terms of presentation Ė itís big, itís bright.


mario party 5 gamecube review          mario party 5 gamecube review


If youíve lost some pieces from Risk, you canít find the Monopoly money, or you just canít bear another round of poker (and you're out of beer), Mario Party 5 is a perfect substitute.  It may not replace traditional board games, but MP5 is another solid addition to the Mario Party franchise.


- Omni

(November 25, 2003)

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