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Party Game









E (Everyone)



April 2004



- Same microgame madness

- Multiplayer does add a few wrinkles to the game

- Lives up to Wario's scheming ways



- No new microgames

- Multiplayer doesn’t add enough wrinkles

- Same old graphics



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WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Games

Score: 9.4 / 10  * If you haven't played the GBA original

Score: 7.0 / 10  * If you have played the GBA original


Does WarioWare Mega Party Game$ blow away the GameBoy Advance WarioWare Mega Microgame$?  Amazingly enough, it doesn’t.


Even though Mega Party Games includes all the original microgames (all unlocked for your convenience) and that could be Mega Party Games’ biggest failing.  There are no new microgames, which is great for those that haven’t played the GBA original but a letdown for those that have.


warioware mega party games gamcube review          warioware mega party games gamecube review


From my review of WarioWare: Mega Microgame$:


You think that a bunch of microgames would be anything but engrossing.  You’ll be thrown by the kinetic frenzy of hair-cutting, log-sawing, snot-sucking, teeth-brushing, strawberry-dropping, spoon-bending, rhino-taunting, paw-shaking, bug-licking, worm-squirming, gear-moving, cat-spotting, sandwich-eating, sword-catching action.  For once I can say that I was truly surprised by a game.  Surprised not only with its style, action and inventiveness but also with the fact it can suck anyone that plays it – from age three to adult.


But how about I explain how it works?


Let’s say you’re taking on Dr. Crygor’s batch of games.  You’ll have to eat a banana first (by rapidly pressing the “A” button).  Two seconds later the game switches to a “fighter” where you must defend yourself with presses of the directional pad.  The next game you have to cut a piece of steak by pressing left and right on the control pad.  And so it goes… until the boss battle.


Each microgame is introduced by an ambiguous description of what you’re supposed to do.  By ambiguous, I mean a description that says, “Sleep” and a picture of blinking cat appears.  There are more than a few of these, “What the hell am I supposed to do?” reactions but after a few runs throughs you become familiar with them.  Plus, each one can be practiced on its own.  Many of the microgames you’ll tackle are outright hilarious – just try landing Wario on a floatation device in the shape of a banana!





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The insane speed of the games remains as does most of the original audio and graphical elements.  What has been added is multiplayer.


At times the multiplayer features can be quite entertaining but there may not be enough wrinkles added to the gameplay to keep groups playing.  If you have four players unfamiliar with the original, then there’s a lot to be said for the fun factor.  Likewise, if you have two (or more) skilled players battling, it 


becomes a real test of nerves and speed.  But without adding some original microgames geared specifically toward multiplayer, the experience can get a little old.  (Usually, it boils down to taking turns or simultaneously playing the microgames.) The single-player portion remains largely untouched, but if you have Mega Microgames it all seems a little redundant.


warioware mega party games gamecube review          warioware mega party games gamecube review


I highly recommend WarioWario Mega Party Games for anyone who has not experienced Microgames on the GBA.  It’s whacked out and full of intense fun.  The multiplayer is a good option, but it fails to make Mega Party Games a must have for those that already have Microgames.


- Omni

(April 29, 2004)


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