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Q3 2000



- Multiplayer is good

- Good graphics

- Decent power-ups and racing AI

- Spawned a funny TV commercial



- Repeating catch phrases are tiresome

- Confusing menu "room"

- Nothing new here



- N/A



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Mickey's Speedway USA

Score: 6.6 / 10


mickey's speedway


Everything that Rare touches seems to turn to gold. Look at Banjo-Tooie, Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64, then turn your attention to Mickey’s Speedway USA (MS). How can this be from the same company?





- N/A

This is a mediocre game. Anyone who has played Mario Kart 64 won’t find anything new here except the characters, which is part of the problem. The characters are licensed from Disney and copyrighted up the wazoo, which means there’s no room for creative license. The novelty of the Disney characters wears off pretty quickly no matter which character you choose to drive. You can choose from six racers and each of them have a list of three things to say – which they repeat ad 


naseum. Control is the same found in MK64 and Diddy Kong Racing so jumping right in is no problem. The tracks are run of the mill and the "story" is lame. The menu selection "room" is confusing and marks the only time that a menu setup has made me dizzy. Instead of just switching to another screen the camera flips around and zips over to the other side of the room. Select something else and you’re off again.

Like every Kart game, the multiplayer game is a lot more fun than the single player game. Which is not to say that MS is a horrible game. It’s just average. We’ve been here before and MS doesn’t add anything new. If you’re a Disney fan it might be worth it but if you’ve got Diddy Kong Racing or MK64 don’t bother.

Reviewed by Omni

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