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Perfect Dark


perfect dark          perfect dark


Perfect Dark represents the next logical step in the evolution of Rareware’s 1st person shooters on the N64. Their first breakthrough was the Player’s Choice Award Winner (or whatever the heck it’s called), Goldeneye. When I first saw the television commercials I thought that we had another bloody Tomb Raider rip-off. But I lost entire weekends playing Goldeneye multiplayer with my friends, and it was going to take one heck of a game to make me play anything else.


Perfect Dark did just that. The multiplayer options are spectacular, giving people the opportunity to play as one large team towards a specific goal. The cooperative missions are a treat to play, especially on some of the more difficult missions where teamwork is difficult for a pack of lone wolves like my insane friends and me. But don’t kid yourself – most of the fun of playing multiplayer is turning your friends into pools of bloody goo. Perfect Dark has options in spades – all sorts of weapons with the randomizer making frag-fests more frantic. The addition of the Goldeneye levels made me grin like a Cheshire cat, especially when I saw how the Rareware team updated them.




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I only have a few complaints about the game: the requirements to get some of the weapons on multiplayer and the single player storyline. Almost all of the weapons for multiplayer are earned by beating cooperative missions – a great idea I thought initially, but having owned the game for 2 months already (with renting raising that total closer to 4) I could only earn 18 of the 30 challenges  and that is playing with friends who are of equal skill level, which is absolutely 


ridiculous considering how frequently I play 1st person shooters. Don’t even get me started on the shooting range requirements to get the classic weapons– I’ll just start crying…

The storyline for this game is sort of bi-polar for most people – they love the early missions and the vaporous storyline, but are annoyed and couldn’t care less by the end of the game. I couldn’t agree more. The early missions are similar to the Goldeneye style – infiltrate some base… blow stuff up… maybe save someone… great gaming fun! The whole alien storyline was just infuriating – give me realism or give me death! If I want to fight aliens I’ll play Star Trek: Elite Force (PC). I wanted spy action dammit!

Despite my personal pet peeves, Perfect Dark is an excellent game and its designers should be very proud of the numerous options they thought up. It is a must have for any serious action gamer or multiplayer frag-artist.

- Tazman

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