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E (Everyone)



Q2 2001



- Fast- paced

- Mutiplayer fun

- Mix of easy and hard questions

- Adequate graphics

- Easy interface and install



- Repetitious

- Limited characters

- Implementation of save option






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$100,000 Pyramid

Score: 7.0 / 10


Quizzes, game shows, and trivia are my passions. I just love to beat the clock and show my smarts.


The $100,000 Pyramid is set up exactly like the TV show. You and your partner (computer animated if you are playing the one or two person option) race against the clock to guess the seven words associated with a given category. If you are able to get enough points in the basic game you proceed to the winners circle where you again race against the clock but this time you have to identify the category which fits the words that your partner gives you.  There are four different partner characters all with annoying habits but you can only choose your partner in the two player mode, during the one player mode your partner is chosen for you. There are also bonus categories, which allow you to earn more money if you correctly identify all seven words in a category. If you enjoyed the show you will probably appreciate the game. On the other hand, if you are looking for a real challenge like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit you will be sorely disappointed as this game is about associations rather than knowledge or trivia. That said, Pyramid does have a slightly addictive nature to it but be aware that if you play for more than an hour or two at a time the questions will start to repeat themselves.  This can be solved by saving your game and starting a new game with a new character.   Although if you tend to be slow, the repetition could be the only way you will advance to the higher levels.




The game has three options of game play: one player, two players and party play. The one and two player games are straightforward, each person takes a turn and the one with the most points in the basic game goes on to play the winners round. The party play is an interesting concept and is actually a lot of fun (also very easy to cheat with so choose your friends wisely.) The players split into two teams, it 




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works best with four people but could be adapted to use more players if necessary. One person from the team becomes the clue-giver, faces the screen, and the guesser, faces away from the screen. The clue-giver presents clues to the guesser which relate to the word on the screen and the guesser may make as many guesses within a time limit and he or she likes. The correct answers are tallied on the computer and the winning team goes on to the winners circle.



The graphics are very basic as is the dialogue, both of which get very monotonous and irritating after hearing the same descriptions.  But they do get the job done.  Another irritating feature is the save option. You can save your game between rounds for as long as you are playing but as soon as your game is over, i.e. you mess up and donít have enough points to get to the winner circle, your saved games are erased! Gone! Finito! So you canít go back and correct any mistakes. This proved to be very frustrating to me as I got to the $50,000 level, one away from the $100,000 level and I messed up. Imagine my surprise when I went to get my saved game and it was goneÖalas, I had to start all over again. Woe is me! 

Overall, I enjoy playing this game as it is fast-paced, entertaining, and I can play successfully even if Iím having a blonde moment. I can complete a round in less than 5 minutes and can save and quit or I can continue round after round for as long as I like. I really donít mind the repetition as they throw in enough new questions that I canít always anticipate what the answers will be Ė and if I do, that just means I can get that much closer to the $100,000 level, something I have yet to do but that isnít from lack of trying.

- Jenny

(April 23, 2001)


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