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Sierra / Fox Interactive






M (Mature)



Q4 2001



- Great Graphics

- Variety in style of gameplay from species to species

- Perfect level of difficulty

- Solid multiplayer community and net code

- Balanced weapons and technology between species

- Excellent use of licenses



- Excruciatingly long loading times

- Storyline is still weak



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Aliens vs. Predator 2

Score: 8.0 / 10

Itís strange that we are at a point now with first person shooting games where it takes unbelievable amounts of x-factor to satisfy the majority of reviewers and most hardcore gamers.  I say this because on the PC, in the past two to three years, there hasnít really been a glut of FPSí that have really sucked (Aside from perhaps Mortyr).  Instead, weíve been treated to a base level of quality where even when not innovative, the FPS games in recent memory have been fun.  Aliens vs. Predator 2 (AVP2) fits somewhere in that category where with itís own unique cast of characters, it has managed to provide a fun experience without innovating the FPS genre or even its own franchise.   

aliens-vs-predator-2-1.jpg (42110 bytes)          aliens-vs-predator-2-2.jpg (14563 bytes)

The primary draw to AVP2 will be its licences, and Monolith has come through in this aspect by faithfully representing the three species.  The graphical representation of each species takes advantage of Monolithís newest Lithtech engine, and environmental graphics are also beautifully done.  The only minor complaint I have is that the bland, dreadfully moody, contrast between ambient red light and darkness has not been used as much as it was in the first game.  The suffocating mood and ambience has been lightened up a little with more variety between environments, and more colour being used.  The price to be paid for all these lovely visuals is some long load screens.  I was playing on a K7 500, and the load times were about twice as long as they were for Max Payne.

The species have been made more balanced with the addition of various weapons, gadgets, methods of attack, and through the tweaking of overall constitution.  The Predator can now recharge his energy levels at any time, provided that he is not cloaked.  The Alien now has a targeting reticule and can regain energy quickly by eating the heads of dead marines.  The marine is now a little tougher, and has his usually arsenal of weapons.





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With play balance improved, the resulting fun to be had in multiplayer mode has increased greatly since the first installment.  With a couple patches since itís release date, the net code has been solidified.  With an in game server browser, a solid community and more game modes, multiplayer in AVP2 is an excellent extension to the gameís play life.

The new game modes included are Evac, and Overrun.  In Evac, one 


time must make it to a predetermined location and survive in that area for 10 seconds.  In Overrun, one team must defend a location while the opposing team provides an all out assault.

The single player aspect of the game succeeds in capturing the moods of the films on which it is based.  The missions as a marine put you at the mercy of waves upon waves of Aliens.  There are many cool scripted events that will surprise you and cause you to clench your mouse a little tighter.  In one rescue mission gone wrong, a fellow marine that has been cocooned will give birth to a chest burster and you will have to escape by trapping hordes of aliens behind doors.   

aliens-vs-predator-2-3.jpg (32222 bytes)         aliens-vs-predator-2-4.jpg (36655 bytes)

As the Predator, you will hunt humans using stealth and dispatch Aliens with your various gadgets.  There are also some jumping puzzles with the Predator, but not too much as to frustrate the gamer.  The storyline of the Alien will have you play through all the various life cycles from a face hugger, to a chest burster, and finally to a full grown drone.  The Alien missions include more sneaking around, and trying to reach a given destination with minimal detection.  All three of the species offered some challenging moments but nothing as mind numbingly difficult as in the first game. 

The storyline aspect of the game has been significantly improved since the first installment, but it is by no means involving.  The scenario is set for the three species, and playing through each will give you a different view of the events.  Though the story involves the gamer to some extent, do not expect the plot to be as good as the films.  If you follow the Alien Vs. Predator comics, none of the plot line will be new or groundbreaking to you. 

With another solid first person shooter on the market, one has to wonder how long the streak of good releases will continue.  Fairly soon, perhaps games such as AVP2 will be considered average, but for now, this game can be considered great.

- Mark Leung

(February 15, 2002)


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