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June 2007



- Steals from Quake III Arena



- System specs that defy all logic

- Uninspired levels populated by brain-dead bots

- Try to find a server!  I dare you!

- We had a better experience six years ago with Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena



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Score: 2.0 / 10


The name should clue gamers in right away – it’s about the same emotion you’d feel if you bought Burn, installed it and found it to be a sub-par experience even if it was 1999 when Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament were the kings of Deathmatch.  Burned!


burn          burn


Actually the deathmatching mimics the look of Quake III Arena to a large extent (and even lifts one entire arena), though for some reason even on my comparatively beefy rig – to 1999 standards in particular – the game chugs on the higher settings and the bots are so brain dead that it took me no time at all to run roughshod over them.  Boosting their skill level helps a bit but not by much, which




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means that almost everyone should be able to put Burn into a submission hold with little to no difficulty.


But wait, it has online multiplayer, that should help, right?  Either the game is broken in this respect – hitting the refresh button for the server list seemingly does nothing – or there are no servers.  Or it


could be a little of both.


Either way I never got to test Burn’s online performance.


Something so important to multiplayer first-person shooters is a creative weapon roster, but with Burn we get weapons that have been recycled from Quake III Arena, nay lifted directly from Quake III Arena.  Imagination has taken a back seat to churning out what is, at best, a user-created mod that’s about eight-years old, with blasé levels to boot.


burn          burn


To add further insult to the bloody injuries is that Burn retails for a suggested $40US! There are many different first-person shooters from five years ago that exceed Burn in every respect, including value, looks, and creative weapons.  You can pick-up Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena for $15US -- even less if you snoop around online -- and both of those games have a cornucopia of excellent mods available so there's really no need to even look at Burn.


- D.D. Nunavut

(July 5, 2007)


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