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Ubi Soft






T (Teen)



Q1 2002



- Straightforward simulation

for the most part

- History buffs might like taking controls of a destroyer

- Atlantic and Pacific theaters



- Pathetic AI

- Promised multiplayer link with Silent Hunter II is absent

- Unexpected crashes

- Wonít set any graphical benchmarks

- Missions never change so trial and error is sometimes the best route to success






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Destroyer Command

Score: 5.0 / 10


When you load up a game for the first time and it crashes within a few minutes you start to rethink your purchase.  Maybe this wasnít such a good idea.  Second plan of attack: try loading it on a different computer (if you have one).  Ten minutes in on computer #2 and another crash.  Reboot and check if you still have the receipt.  Game runs for 2 hours then encounters some kind of error Ė crashes to desktop.  I spend a good chunk of time trying to track down the problem Ė running diagnostics, defragging the hard drive, updating drivers, etc.  Finally get computer #2 to run the game without crashing unexpectedly.  (Computer #1 still crashes.)  Whenever I lull myself into believing that PC games have achieved plug-and-play, along comes a game like Destroyer Command (DC).


destroyer-commander-1.jpg (21239 bytes)          destroyer-commander-2.jpg (16015 bytes)


Iím not a sim fan with the exception of anything that takes place in outer space or in a train.  DC is definitely no entry-level simulation.  You have to know what youíre doing and for me to reach that plateau it took many hours and a lot of trial and error.  Some of this time was spent watching the brain dead companion AI crash into things.  Even more time was spent trying to get a full handle on all the stations.  (Thereís a reason these ships had crew members and not just one guy running around pulling levers and fiddling with knobs.)  So, learning curve: steep (even in the overhead command view) and fun factor practically zero.


Mission variety is actually quite good, but they require you to be proficient with most of the weapon systems on the ship.  Mission types include: destroying U-boats (which never gets old once you get the hang of it), softening up beach targets for your invasion forces, ship to ship engagements, and the usual escort duty.  No matter what mission I went on I always had a tough time completing it 




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successfully.  (There are missions set in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of WWII.)


Graphically, DC is fairly solid, but less flashy than most current titles.  Although at some points the framerate gets reduced to single digits, like when thereís lots of smoke.  The wave action is pretty good, but thereís no difference in the wave conditions found in the two theaters. (Maybe I do have what it takes to be a simulation fanatic Ė 


Iím already getting anal retentive about things like wave action!)  Audio isÖ how the hell should I know?  I wasnít there, so I canít speak for how realistic DC is for the audio component, but I didnít hear anything out of place (if Hollywood movies are anything to go by).


The biggest disappointment though is the lack of multiplayer link with Silent Hunter II.  It was much hyped and may be addressed in a future patch, but itís certainly not included.  The concept is a good one Ė users playing different games in the same universe and working together.  (Kind of like how I imagine a combination of C&C Renegade and a C&C RTS game Ė someone commanding the action and base building while a few others were right on the ground fighting.)  But concept aside, itís not included even though they mention the feature on the box.  If itís ever fixed, it could be a big selling feature for hardcore simmers.


destroyer-commander-3.jpg (28787 bytes)          destroyer-commander-4.jpg (29673 bytes)


As your last shell fires and a torpedo is about to blow a neat hole in your hull, Destroyer Command canít be recommended. (At least by me.)  There are bugs and crashes to contend with, the crossover with Silent Hunter II is non-existent, and the learning curve will leave you panting if youíre new to the simulation scene.  Iím sure there are a host of other nitpicks I could bring up that hardcore simmers nearly always do (i.e. historical inaccuracies) but I wonít for two reasons: 1) I donít know enough about these ships and 2) Iím not a simulation fanatic.


- Omni

(March 9, 2002)


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