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Ion Storm



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Q3 2000



- Good looking game

- Interesting game style

- Upgradable weapons and body parts is a great idea

- Levels are entirely loaded, very little in-game lag



- Definitely not a standard FPS, action can really drag

- "Realism" detracts from action



Review: Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (Playstation 2)



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Deus Ex

Score: 8.0 / 10


Deus Ex is yet another game to follow the trend of First Person Shooters (FPS) trying to set itself apart by bringing a new version of realism to the gaming world. You play JC Denton, the prodigy of a special operations project to add technological breakthroughs to human subjects. You are one of two existing subjects, the other is your brother Paul. (Why is it in today's games all heroes have stupid names? Would you be scared of a Duke? a JC? Crap, if the guy was called Meathook or Abattoir – that would be scary.) The game takes place in the United States as a new "super virus" is devastating the human population . . . blah-blah . . . stop terrorists . . . fight against all odds . . . yada yada yada.


deus_ex-a.jpg (10163 bytes)   deus_ex-b.jpg (8006 bytes)   deus_ex-c.jpg (8303 bytes)


The action is decidedly different from other FPSs – stealth and subterfuge are better traits than a steady hand and fleet feet (although they might help a bit). If you’re seen you're going to have a bunch of guards chasing you down. So, if you kill someone, you'd better hide the body cause it's gonna draw attention otherwise. (Guards get apprehensive if they see a body but 4 quarts of human blood on the floor, "Hey Fuuugetaboutit!!") Personal skills are also important, as you progress in the game you develop proficiency skills and can use them towards training and ability upgrades. For example, you can become a better swimmer, quicker with lining up a gun, or better with a lock pick – it’s all up to how you want to balance your skills.


Of greater interest are the upgrades. Throughout your missions you can grab upgrades for weapons (ones that give you a larger clip, add a sight to a pistol, or give you a larger firing range) or upgrades for your body. Like the average PC, you can swap in components that make you faster, stronger, more attractive to the opposite sex, or the ability to play MP3 files that you've downloaded on Napster. (I lie about that last one.) These upgrades require energy and you have a finite storage capacity that you can use at your discretion but remember that you need to "power-up" kinda like drinking a sixer of 'Dew. Deus Ex also limits how much you can carry, so you have to decide during the game whether you'd rather blow the crap out of an enemy or microwave him . . . decisions, decisions!





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The gameplay is pretty good, especially the way that the entire level is loaded resident so you don't have to load a new room every time you move. This game is definitely more difficult than other FPSs so expect to be spending a lot of time doing the same levels trying to find the best way to attack it. Pair this with the fact that all levels are saturated with enemies (and JC shoots like a cross-eyed drunk) this game takes a long time to play. It took me around 20 hours of playing the game to get the full feel of Deus Ex, 


and when I only have a few hours to play (when not working), this is not the kind of intense activity that is relaxing. You cannot put this game down for a few days and come back – you will not remember what you've done or what you have to do – and that is my largest complaint.

Deus Ex is a good game for people who like to immerse themselves in their play, but is definitely not for casual gamers. I recommend downloading the demo before purchasing if you aren't sure.

- Tazman


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