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M (Mature)



Q2 2005



- Fast paced

- Classic elements return

- Excellent production values



- Same dark, hard to see levels



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Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Score: 8.0 / 10


Back when the first Doom and Doom 2 came out, I was still in elementary school. I played those games to death, and enjoyed a lot of the mods that the community put out as well. When I first played through Doom 3, I enjoyed the game, but I wasn't thrown back to the same feeling of playing through some of the classic Doom moments. Granted the game and the genre has evolved since the original Doom, but I was looking for a little more fast paced action. Resurrection of Evil offers a little bit more action in this regard with some larger areas where there are lots of enemies. However, a few minor design decisions that held back the original are not corrected.


doom 3 resurrection of evil review          doom 3 resurrection of evil review


The story starts a few years after the original Doom 3 with the UAC returning to Mars for more research. You and a squad of marines are sent to investigate a dig site and soon after, you are on your own as Hell's minions are unleashed decimating your squad. The whole storyline leaves much to be desired in the way of telling a compelling story, as for the most part the whole story exists just to get you from action sequence to sequence. Although not really a bad thing, it would have been nice for both the original Doom and this one to inject a gripping storyline as the developers have been quoted on saying that they were going for the ultimate single player experience. The lackluster storyline along with the exceptionally weak ending leave something to be desired in a totally gripping single player experience.


However, the gameplay is as solid as ever and does inject just enough variety along with the action to keep things lively. As mentioned previously, you start out with the Artifact; a grotesque pulsating rotting heart that floats between and seems to make your hands gnarled and grotesque as well. The artifact gains powers as you progress through the game. You can't choose which power you use, but the 



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powers are cumulative. To use your powers, you have to charge the Artifact with souls. This is done by equipping the Artifact and then approaching a dead corpse. The Artifact will absorb the corpse's soul and will charge to maximum of three souls. The first power you acquire is an ability to slow down time and move very fast. The developers have incorporated a couple of simple puzzles that utilize this power and this welcome variety keeps things interesting in the early going before some of the later treats are introduced.



In classic form, the last two artifact powers serve to revitalize a couple of classic Doom elements; the berserk and invincible power-ups. Berserk allows you move quickly and slow time as with the first power you receive, however, this time around you receive a damage bonus and your fists serve as a one punch one kill deadly weapon. The last power you receive is invincibility, and it is the same as berserk except now you can take no damage. This lends itself to some truly satisfying mayhem. The satisfaction of running into a myriad of hell's monsters with nothing but your fists and decimating them all is truly something that you must experience. The acquisition of each of the powers doesn't come that easily though as you must defeat a boss for each one. Although fairly straightforward for the most part, the boss encounters do force you to defeat the boss in a unique manner rather than the standard hold down fire and dodge until they are dead method. While I won't reveal the details here, although I know that some gamers despise puzzles in their boss encounters, the implementation of this aspect into the boss in encounters in Resurrection of Evil is not very intrusive and does add an interesting challenge to the game.


doom 3 resurrection of evil review          doom 3 resurrection of evil review


No expansion pack is complete without new weapons. Here we have the aforementioned artifact, the classic double barreled shotgun, and the Gravity G- errr, the Ionized Plasma Levitator. Really though, it really is just Doom 3's Gravity Gun for those of you who have played Half Life 2. However, this weapon does really seem quite at home in Resurrection of Evil in a much different way than the Gravity Gun was in Half Life 2. Rather than being used to manipulate the environment which it can still do, however to a more limited extent than in HL2, it can be used to catch the fireballs and energy blasts of Hell's demons. This requires some quick reactions and is sure to be a favorite for gamers looking for a finesse challenge as you can catch and fire the demons' own blasts back at it. In addition you can grab and destroy some smaller enemies by throwing them into the ground or wall. Overall this is sure to appeal to your inner destructive nature as you smash Hell's lesser creatures.


Overall the gameplay is very similar to that found in the original Doom 3. You'll be faced with the same dark corridors, the brief excursions to the exposed surface of Mars and plenty of monsters hiding in the Dark. The only drawback that I found was the occasional frustration that I encountered as in the original Doom 3; namely that there were some dark hard to see parts where the action got intense. These served more to frustrate than present a real challenge as stumbling around firing wildly in the dark isn't much fun. Luckily these moments are off set by a tasteful integration of challenging moments that really utilize the low lighting conditions set in the mood of the game to create some unique gameplay.


Rounding out the package, unfortunately we don't get any creative new monsters but, we do get a new multiplayer mode in Capture the Flag. The production values are flawless as with the original game. The voice acting is good in its limited requirement, and the in engine cutscenes really showcase the game engines prowess. As always the lighting effects are second to none and the weapon and explosion effects are no less impressive. Those looking to add some more gameplay hours to their time with Doom 3 should pick up Resurrection of Evil. The new elements add just enough new spice to the already excellent Doom 3 package.


- Mark Leung

(May 24, 2005)


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